Northern governor inaugurates wheat harvest in Al-Dabbah locality

Today, Northern Governor Abdeen Awadallah, accompanied by a number of official leaders and the state security committee, inspected a number of agricultural projects in Al-Dabbah locality. The governor inaugurated the start of the wheat harvest for this season. , with an average productivity of 20 bags in the Matar and Al-Otaibi projects, in addition to 15 bags per acre in the Azhari Al-Mubarak project in Al-Afadh, and the governor and his accompanying delegation gave an allocation Experience the Al. -Mubarak Azhari Project for Livestock Production and listen to an explanation of the direction of the project and its importance in providing productivity of 1,500 pounds of milk to Al-Dabba market.

He is committed to removing barriers to investment in this area, particularly in the area of ​​veterinary medicines.

For his part, the Minister of Investment and Northern Industry, Omar Ali Saleh, confirmed that the area of ​​the Azhari and Al-Otaibi projects was vulnerable to the advance of the desert, covered with sand dunes and threatened by the Nile. He added that for the first time it was cultivated on a total area of ​​4,800 square meters with a wheat harvest with an average of 15 bags per acre, which is a first experience on this land.

The minister said that there were other projects that would soon be completed in the different localities, and he added that these projects are capable of meeting the needs of the state and the country, indicating that these are of a practical response that the north can bridge the divide, and that talk of famine expectations is nothing more than a media war launched by hostile parties after the Rapid Support militia's brutal attack on the project Al Jazeera, adding that productivity will be directed towards…

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