Northern Governor Meets Delegation from Alqam Mining Company, Company Presents Desire for Industrial Investment

The Governor of the Northern State, Mr. Abdeen Awadallah, met in his office with a delegation from the Alqam Group of Companies, which works in the mining sector in the locality of Dalgo, where the company presented its desire for industrial investment in the state. This took place in the presence of the Minister of Investment and Industry in charge of the Northern State, Omar Mohamed Salih, the Director of the Sudanese Mining Company, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Nadeef, and the Advisor to the State Government, His Excellency General Kamal. Moussa, in order to introduce seven factories in the state, which are the industries that the state needs, namely mineral and aerated water, cereals of all kinds, manufacturing industries of all kinds, and the supply of raw materials from other states for the manufacture of oils, their derivatives, and foods in all localities of the state.

Where the Governor examined all the studies prepared by the company

Highlighting its efforts to develop manufacturing industries to accelerate the state's economic development

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