Northern governor meets delegation of farmers from Al-Salim market

The Acting Governor of the Northern State, Mr. Abdeen Awadallah, met in his office with a delegation from the Saleem crop market and neighboring areas. They discussed the problems faced by farmers when importing agricultural crops, especially beans and garlic.

Delegation representative Abdel Hadi Muhammad Haj said agricultural products received special protection from January 30 to September 30.

Do not introduce agricultural products during this period, but some violated these guidelines and introduced large quantities of beans and garlic from neighboring countries, which caused confusion in the local market products, and this matter is detrimental to farms and affected prices.

In this regard, the Governor, Mr. Abdeen Awadallah, issued letters and confirmed that the state government is committed, during this specific period, to safeguarding the rights of farmers by not introducing any quantity of agricultural products, especially beans and garlic.

Abdel Hadi Muhammad Haj said there would be popular control

Everyone must defend farmers and their rights so that the farmer does not lose his harvest of the year without benefiting from it.

In conclusion, he thanked His Excellency the Governor for the warm welcome and immediate response to the farmers' appeal.

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