Northern state resistance leader meets Qaraish tribe

The leader of the Popular Resistance, Lieutenant General Dr. Engineer Saleh Yasin Saleh, responded to the invitation of the mayors, overseers and sheikhs of the Qaraish tribe, where he provided detailed insight into the Popular Resistance, the reasons for its training, its objectives. and its future.

His Excellency also explained to the audience the aims and objectives of the war, which aims to control Sudan's resources outside and inside the earth, including aquatic minerals, as Sudan enjoys large economic resources in addition to… Demographic change by displacing the population of Sudan and replacing it with the Arab diaspora from West African countries

The conspiracy against Sudan is bigger than the rebel forces, because behind it are great powers who oversaw the planning and supply of money and weapons in order to overthrow the Sudanese state. This war was therefore unique in its kind, as were the Sudanese people. did not know it in their ancient or modern history, because the war was global against the Sudanese state and against the Sudanese citizen. Whether he was seriously injured, in his money or in his honor, that's where the idea of. Popular resistance was born. It is known throughout the history of nations that popular resistance is not defeated today, it has a clear impact on the reality of battles as support for the armed forces. This is why countries seek to attack brutally. counter this idea, given their victories in Vietnam, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

His Excellency also explained to the audience the completion of the popular resistance structure and concluded his achievements in preparing strategic brigades at local level seven.

He also clearly outlined what had been accomplished in terms of armaments, explaining the advanced stages and what the resistance had achieved in terms of effective and decisive weapons in battles, reassuring the audience that the popular resistance had come a long way in preparing the force needed to defend the state. in light of the real threat present.

He also urged the audience to support the popular resistance, just like other regions who have given him strong support, because the popular resistance comes from them and is aimed at them.

His Excellency also promised to resolve the issues raised by the participants.

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