Oh members of the Sovereignty Council and oh sons of the South – indeed – ✍️ Howaida Muhammad Ahmed (Faroh) Kordofan ((Join Dilling Town))

This city has been patient throughout this period which has exceeded a year, like the patience of Ayoub Issa, and perhaps the movements will begin, the roads will open and the support convoys will arrive carrying commercial goods and other city needs throughout the city. main gate, Al-Abyad Al-Daling. Kadugli. In line with the promise that the state made to the citizens, this promise has now become like a burden for the elderly. It's like we're waiting for a miracle from heaven, the closest thing we can get. We have reached a stage where markets are drying up for needed goods and there is no cash flow.

. A city is going through a real crisis following this siege, and for those who don't know the Dilling, it is called the Dilling Road. Bear. Al-Abyad is closed from the north side, closed from the Rapid Support Road and Dilling

Kadugli on the south side is closed for people's movement and even the Dilling branch road on the west side is closed. It is unfortunate that local residents have agreed to remove many goods. the list of family needs.. but it is very difficult to remove a product from this list because it constitutes the main food of most families.

. The suffering of the city's women forced them to look for alternatives to feed their children. Some families began to search for locusts and Umm Arari grass (the sweat of the Prophet) with great adventures, because these things are only found in deserted and dangerous areas like these. like Janayen, east of the city, which were destroyed by the Rapid Support Forces and became a substitute for infiltrating some criminals escaped from prisons, most of whom were perpetrators of murder.

We wonder how long these conditions will continue with this suffering???

Everyone says that hunger does not affect the young, the elderly, the sick or those with special needs.

. This city has endured daily deaths and threats due to rumors and psychological warfare.

But the question now is whether you can bear the hunger, poverty and lack of food that comes with it.


We fear that these conditions push citizens to make difficult choices, which only have an alternative if the State intervenes to improve the situation. There are two choices without a third.

1/ Submit to the popular movement and go south or west

2/ Or submit to rapid support and head towards the north or east

. These are choices that do not resemble the inhabitants of this city after this firmness.

.. We ask God that some people do not get to this point because people have reached a stage where it is difficult to wait, according to the saying of the proverb (the rush of a pile of wood is hard and difficult for the one who is hungry…)

The call is to save the people of this town, even by parachuting. If the roads cannot be opened, we say this is a remedy for His Excellency, Lieutenant General Al-Burhan, Chairman of the Sovereignty Council, Commander-in-Chief. , members of the Sovereignty Council, Deputy Sovereignty Council, Malik Aqar, Lieutenant General Shams al-Din al-Kabashi, Lieutenant General Yasser al-Atta, Lieutenant General Jaber and the enthusiastic son of the city , Lieutenant General Kabroun, captured the Daling and saved it.

..Oh God, grant the people of this city more patience in the face of trials.. Oh God, have I delivered the message, O God, so be your witness…

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