One of the innovations of the rebellion and the agents… They claim that the war will last..!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas

* The blatant rebellion, the diaspora of the impudent, the (mad) agents, the addicted moss and the licentious deer, continue to pant and wander (paralyzed) between the figments of their (sick) imagination and the dictates of (foreigners). ) servant, what they think can extract them from the (degeneracy) into which they have fallen and conceal (the nakedness of their partnership), their status will increase among the people. This includes their war propaganda. “this will last” and will not stop. It is not out of “pity” on their part for the people and the country, but in reality it is “empty propaganda” behind which they aim to “spread despair” among the people and to mitigate it. their mind. Then he lost (confidence) in his army, and at the same time the honorable fighters became (frustrated) and hated the fight. These (humiliated) people think that such misleading propaganda could be (the alternative) to their lies and rumors. who have been hit by the (recession) and who have found themselves exposed and no longer provide them with a fuse… but that the (flies) who are used to frequenting the stinking carcass avoid it… But what is true is that their guts (desire) to prolong the war and not stop it, because on the other hand it represents for them (a source of subsistence) illicit money allocated to start it, and they hope that this (will exhaust) the army so that he is defeated..!

* Their propaganda is as scandalous as their lies and rumors, and their stupidity leads them to further (fall) in the memory of the people every day. Here they are on the edge of (the ignorance of) the so-called international community, and they. left him neither friend nor submissive, neither Yaghouth, nor Yaoq, nor Lansra, nor (Hubal the Great) America, nor Al-Lat, nor Al-Uzza, demanding by prohibiting flights to Sudan, by imposing sanctions on army leaders, and. imposing the (myth) of safe passages, when they do so, they are only trying to save the rebellion from the “final combustion”, and they do not remember that there is a “strong” army and resistance in Sudan “overwhelmingly” popular. , working hard to “explode”. The rebellion scattered its ashes to the wind, and if a flight ban were imposed or sanctions were imposed, the (pace of fighting) would increase even more, for this (war of dignity) would be prolonged or shortened by the will of the people and the army, not by methods (deception), and by the wishes of impudent and treacherous agents..!!

*Lies, tricks and rumors have evaporated and are now (evaporate) tricks, not for war, and the war will last, so look for something else, and each time you reveal (a new trick), know that the people and the army are waiting for you to reveal their truth to the whole world, so how insignificant your options are…!!*

*We will write and write…!!!*

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