Opening of the first dialysis center in Dalqo, operating with a capacity of 6 machines that can accommodate 54 patients per month

Dalgo: Port Sudan:

Director General of the Northern State Ministry of Health, Minister-designate Dr. Sati Hassan Sati said that the Dalgo Dialysis Center is a veritable addition to the provision of medical, therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients and is working towards relieve pressure on remaining dialysis centers in other locations across the state.

This happened during his visit to the dialysis center of the local Dalgo Hospital as part of a trial with 6 machines covering 54 patients with kidney failure, highlighting that the ministry is gradually progressing towards providing all services and provision of devices, modern equipment and other supplies for localizing treatment. announcing the start of work on the dialysis center at Dalgo Hospital. Hajja Amna Ismail Abdeen Abdeen Al-Sayegh Dialysis Center Educational Center, emphasizing the need to continue the popular effort in its work to provide medical and therapeutic services and aid to hospitals. and health and specialist centers.

The Dr praised I will bring what the people of Dalqo have provided over the past period towards development projects in various areas, reiterating his ministry's interest and keenness to provide all necessary services to patients in health establishments in the locality of Dalqo.

For his part, the Executive Director of Dalqo Locality, A. Mudathir Sharaf Al-Din said that the Hajja Amna Ismail Abdeen Al-Sayegh Dialysis Center at Dalqo Hospital is one of the great achievements made during the recent period, welcoming the support of the State Ministry of Health and the population of the region and the great support they have given to the health institutions in the locality of Dalqo, emphasizing that the dialysis center will contribute significantly significant in reducing the suffering borne by patients suffering from renal failure, especially since the locality has not had this service during the past period.

In the same context, the coordinator of dialysis centers in the Northern State, Dr. Ashraf Muhammad Abdel Qader said that the Hajja Amna Ismail Abdeen Al-Sayegh center operates with a capacity of 6 machines that can accommodate 54 patients during of the month, indicating that work there has started excellently and will significantly reduce pressure on other local centers. in addition to reducing the burden of dialysis patients.

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