Opening schools in Sennar State requires everyone's efforts… So what have you prepared, Sennar Minister of Education… – On the sidelines – ✍️ Bushra Bashir

The educational process is one of the aspects of stability and it is extremely important. A year ago, since this cursed war, the educational process in Sudan has completely stopped and Sennar State has not been isolated from the States of Sudan. The process stopped, those who had money and the powerful worked hard and left Sudan in search of safety and education for their children. Those on limited incomes suffer from the fires of war that have destroyed everything that was green and dry in conflict zones. Their residents were displaced, schools were closed and safe zones displaced citizens from everywhere and settled in schools and became shelters for them. Consequently, the complexities of opening schools have become more complex, and the Ministry. The Sinnar State Department of Education and Guidance has been making increasing efforts to fix a date for the opening of schools from time to time, but is failing to do so for known reasons , namely that schools became accommodation centers for those affected by war events, in addition to teachers. not pay their salary for several months. There are other charges added to this, such as providing meals to students, expulsion, etc., and these may be secondary reasons that can be resolved.

Today, the Ministry of Education and Guidance has set a mid-May date for schools to open, but the same factors that prevented schools from opening remain in place, and the Challenge remains before the state government and before the Minister of Education in particular. to respect the date set for the opening of schools. Parents have complained about the psychological state of their children wondering about their fate and… When school resumes, the state government should immediately start finding alternatives to residential centers in safer and more secure places. We have learned from some observers that there is a trend to prepare the Sinja Olympic Stadium to bring together Sinja reception centers, which requires everyone's cooperation. This requires great effort on the part of the young activist. The Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, Mohamed Abdel Fattah Badi, is working to mobilize and activate organizations working in the state to contribute to this matter. He needs the Sennar state government, more willing than ever to open schools, to pay generously. and that all members of the government and its security committee work to prepare the citizens affected by the events of the war to go to the proposed sites after having prepared them in all the cities of the state and having prepared the parents of the students to prepare their children. to go to their schools. The state government must also work to find a solution to the salaries of teachers who have not paid their salaries for several months, and the teachers themselves must overcome their wounds, as the nation calls for all. it's up to you to come to me, because the time has come for sacrifice. They know what it means to lose a year of school for a student. Even displaced people settled in accommodation centers in schools, their children need education and integration into society. “The war that is going on now should not stop us from opening schools. Without you, the children of Gaza are falling apart in their schools and their colleagues are dying, so they are transferred to another school and continue their studies. So , where are we? “Everyone must work to meet the challenges. The government has a major role, citizens have a major role and expatriates in schools have a major role. Thanks to everyone's efforts, schools can be opened in Sinnar State.

Today, a number of Sudanese states have started their academic year and are on the path to stability. There are even states that have almost completed their first academic year and are starting the second year.

According to opinion polls, the vast majority of citizens in the state of Sinnar are in favor of opening schools and continuing the school year. Many spoke of the need to open schools, and some of them said the war might not end for years. do and will our children be lost to us?

We call on the state government to immediately open schools and work to address the challenges.

The challenge remains before the Sennar State government and its security committee, with just ten days left before the date set by the Ministry of Education and Guidance for the opening of schools.

The citizen is still waiting for what will happen in these ten days

If schools are open, it is a complete confirmation of the stability of the state. The government must be determined to open them before citizens do.

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