Othman Darar, Diplomacy Never Sleeps… is making headlines for its high performance…!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas


*Distinguished diplomat, Ambassador Othman Darrar, died in recent days after a professional life full of “rich gifts” that lasted for many years. He remained a “special case” in the “vigilant” diplomatic performance all the time. output are striking titles which express (Precision in work, chastity and rigor accompanied by (simplicity) walks with him like his shadow when he is outside the work offices… I had the opportunity to working with him (advisor) in the diplomatic mission in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, and I felt in him from the first step that he was (a skillful captain) who did not lack anything or anything . He possessed a “great prudence” with which he was able to express the “complexities” of the representational space and its “troubles” resulting from the absence of “known structure” and the speed of capture. decision-making in official state facilities, which means that diplomatic performance evolves on a terrain strewn with thorns and bumps, which only those who can bear can bear. I have shown a lot of patience and patience. perseverance and I closed my eyes a little, perhaps to the point of becoming stupid. Then there are the problems of the Sudanese community, and that is another form. of suffering with sharp claws that can increase the balance of good deeds of those who encounter them while seeking reward..!*


*Othman Darar was among us the leader who “never sleeps”. He was in constant motion, with growing ambition and courage in the face of any difficult situation. The events in “Al-Zawiya City” were the most difficult stage at this stage. , as members of the Sudanese community were subjected to (blatant) violations and attacks by part of the accepted Libyan population, and the danger extended to many areas adjacent to Al-Zawiya , and at that time, alongside the ambassador was a (distinguished crew) of the mission's leaders, including military attaché Major General Muhammad Fadlallah, consul Kamal Shaqaq and ambassador Yasser Khadr, followed the events day and night, despite (difficulties in movement, and Yasser and Shaqaq were the first to arrive). on the corner at the moment (the situation exploded), despite the seriousness of the times and the risk for them, and when the Libyan authorities announced (the closure) of all the entrances to the corner and prevented access, Ambassador Othman Darrar summoned the group of leaders to the embassy and asked each of them to do so (He gets in his car to go to the corner and storm all the security posts, regardless of the difficulties, to reach the Sudanese and know their conditions.!!


*Dirar advanced the group and stormed all the bases and reached the camp in which the Sudanese were gathered. It was (a solemn situation) in which feelings of frustration and (anger) arose among the Sudanese. Some of them became furious and decided. to unload angry accusations on their embassy leaders, so they threw them (with empty bottles) and injured them. The one who was injured shouted insults, but not a single member of the delegation moved from their place, and when the situation worsened, Libyan security intervened and fired bullets into the air, and the embassy staff were evacuated, who did not request protection for themselves, but rather for their affected compatriots..!!*

*For more than two months, Ambassador Othman Darar continued to follow this (affliction) and held meetings at night until dawn and during the day until the efforts resulted in the gathering of the Sudanese in camps and their deportation to their country of origin…

*May God have mercy on Ambassador Othman Darar, and we ask him, Almighty, to make his home the highest paradise, because he lived chaste, honest and jealous of his country, his people and his occupation..!!*

*we belong to God and to him we return..*


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