Our beautiful morals.. Tips for changing the behavior of our children in times of war – Something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

The fourth day of May falls every year on the International Day Against Bullying, a dangerous phenomenon that threatens the safety and psychology of our children and leaves profound effects that are difficult to erase over time. On this day, we are united. as a front to fight against this phenomenon, highlight our good morals and offer some advice for modifying the child's behavior in light of the very widespread phenomenon of harassment, which causes deep psychological wounds in the harassed child, him causing him to lose confidence. , preventing him from realizing his potential and affecting his behavior and relationships with others.

It must be emphasized, however, that bullying is not an innate behavior, but rather an acquired behavior resulting from multiple factors, including family upbringing. Bullying can come from a family environment full of violence or neglect, or from a lack of attention on the part of the person. parents, and the bullied child may suffer from psychological disorders such as anxiety or depression, leading them to bully as a way to express their negative feelings. The child may be affected by the behaviors of other bullies and imitate their behavior. looking for a sense of belonging or power.

There is no doubt that the conditions of war and asylum greatly affect a child's behavior and increase the likelihood that he or she will be exposed to or engage in harassment. Our children who are in areas other than their original education, especially those who. have been exposed to the trauma of war, may suffer from feelings of fear, anxiety and anger, which can push them to adopt aggressive behaviors, including harassment, and here society has a great responsibility in combating the phenomenon of harassment, by raising awareness of this phenomenon. the dangers of bullying and its negative effects on children, through awareness programs in existing local schools and community environments, and social services should be provided to children in areas where they live outside their designated area. origin, from the inside or from the outside. borders of the country, to help them adapt to their new environment and overcome their negative feelings. Family guidance clubs can be established for the Sudanese community in Egypt to provide psychological support to families and teach them how to deal with their bullying children.

Tips for changing a child's behavior through dialogue. You should speak calmly and with understanding to the child who is bullying, and try to find out the reasons for his behavior. The child's positive behaviors should be reinforced and rewarded, while clearly defining the consequences of bullying. behavior and apply them consistently, in addition to seeking help if you are unable to change the behavior. If the child is alone, do not hesitate to seek help from a psychologist.

Combating bullying is a collective responsibility that requires concerted efforts from family, school and society. We must all ensure that we raise our children with good morals and noble values, and instill in them the spirit of tolerance and respect for others. we free our society from intimidation and lay the foundations for future generations who will illuminate the paths of the future with their beautiful morals.

This is a call to community agencies in Egypt and Sudanese clubs, homes, associations and organizations in Egypt to adopt family guidance clubs under the supervision of specialists.

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