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Yesterday a friend who has a close and blood relationship with the first team, Team Kabashi, called me and of course as soon as I saw his name on my phone screen I understood the reason for the call!!

After greetings and greetings, my discussion began on the article I wrote the day before yesterday on (Manama 2), the subject of which was Lieutenant General Kabashi. So I said to my interlocutor: “Let me first prove specific points to you, and then we will move on to the conversation.

First, anyone who doubts Umm Waddah's loyalty and affiliation to the military establishment, or accuses her, as some wanted to insinuate, of wanting to undermine the cohesion of the army, is a patient who needs urgent psychological care.

Anyone who wants to promote the idea that Umm Waddah is motivated and instigated by someone or a party has a vivid imagination and is overly dramatic, and my positions and writings throughout my journalistic history are enough to confirm that what I My writing is based on my beliefs and not on anyone's dictates.

Then I told him you know what was going on between me and the team was the Rams' first, and I don't need to remind you that the first person to conduct a television interview with him at the local and international satellite channels It was Umm Wadah, and that day he appreciated and respected me. The man came to me from the airport in his military uniform and spoke to me frankly and clearly, and I will never forget her because she was a plus for me professionally and. Kabashi team when it was besieged by brazen brawlers in the house of Aziz Jamal Anqara and chanted despicable racist expressions against him, Umm Waddah defended him and declared that he was a knight of the army and that we do not agree to harm him.

And the Kabashi team, when Najwa Al-Qasim, the late host of Al-Arabiya, attacked him and asked him to look at the camera when he was talking to her, and some of them took it as a subject of ridicule, and that day, while The archives were there, I wrote about this man what no one dared to write about a person wearing khakis for fear and terror of those who brandished the slogan “It' It’s okay, it’s okay, we don’t have an army.”

Umm Waddah, some of whom are trying to turn my article into a racist and tribal view, described Lt. Gen. Kabashi as the sun of Sudan that rose from the west the day he told Kadugli that Sudan was governed by a single military institution and there was no alternative to the army except the army, and at that time these people were sleeping (Rose for Rapid Support)

Umm Wadah, who some have accused of creating conflict between the army leaders, doesn't know it, or maybe they do, but they want to mediate at my expense, because my latest articles concerned the Khaki brothers, whom you do not know. …

But after that I completely condemn you and listen to my words. Umm Waddah has no sanctity for a person, and my sanctity for the military institution, without coloring or hypocrisy, and it is a principled position that I have defended. since I have known life, my loyalty and my respect for this country and this great people who deserve to live free, proud and with dignity, and for this reason I give myself the right to advise him on the direction and his confrontation with the rejection of our people. of any dialogue or negotiation aimed at restoring the militia, its acolytes and its political wing after our people lost everything and paid the entire bill for their present, their past and their future.

That's why I say that those who wanted to eat off my livelihood and appear as the defenders of Team Kabashi are playing something else, because there is nothing between me and this man, exception of this country which he defends with weapons and which I defend with my pen.

I say to those who wanted to participate in my article for a job they want or a gain they expect, play something else, because I will say my word and move on to something else, without waiting for a job, a salary or even a reward or gratitude.

I say to those who want to apply for my position in the army, I am a daughter of this great institution, faithful since my birth and knowledge of life, and I will not let her down and she will not let me down, then play something else.

It will remain the great institution which will be the backbone, support and pillar of the nation and which will not be broken. We will continue to tell the truth whenever we see it to be true, until the lie is destroyed.

Dear word…

The attempts of some of them to create lobbies around officials and present all those who disagree with them as enemies or lurkers is a harmful and dangerous business. These people often play their cards, and when the ship is about to sink, they are the first. to leave him.

Most expensive word

May God grant victory to our army and defeat the militias of treason and betrayal


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