Plea from Ambassador Abdullah Al-Azraq…. The performance of the State is a masterpiece of shame…!! – Clearly – ✍️ Fath Al-Rahman Al-Nahhas

*The least that can be said of this (high quality) article, written by Ambassador Dr Abdullah Al-Azraq, is that it represents a (qualitative addition) in the national diagnosis of cases of (weakness ) suffered by certain articulations of the state apparatus in this (exceptional) circumstance to which Sudan is witness. The insistence remains among the (vast majority) of the population that the State be absolved of all manifestations of weakness and (liquidity), especially as we are engaged in a (fateful battle) in which the people and the State pay a (heavy) cost. It is never possible for the performance of the state to remain like this (laden with calamities) in many cases, as the protests of () show. weakness and slowness) in cleaning public works facilities from shameless (harmful) elements who cannot be entrusted with the management of public works, especially those whose cooperation and inclinations with rebellion are proven..!!*

*Then the article exposed the “obstacles” within the UN Security Council that prevented a “quick decision” on Sudan's complaint against the UAE and the postponement of the discussion to another date , explaining Britain's role in this “conspiracy” as what the writer (with the pen holder) called this “harassment” within the Council, which is practiced by the countries of America , Britain and France, and the author points out the possibility of Sudan rejecting Britain for not being a (party) in any country. Sudan-related issue in the Council, based on Mali's precedent against France in such matters, and now the ball is in the court of state leaders to (follow) Mali's example. Here there is no doubt that the representative of Sudan (ambassador). Al-Harith) is far from being “familiar” with what is happening within the Council. His previous “honorable” positions and his “despair” regarding the Sudanese issues presented before the Council are enough to make him focus on and work on the same positions. “to cut nails.” Britain, with what is available in the Council regulations, and categorically refuses to be a party to any issue related to Sudan in the Council, as Mali has done…!!

*This will not prevent Ambassador Al-Harith from (defending) his homeland against Britain, even if he holds (his nationality and passport) the original remains (the original) at all times, so that all nationalities and passports of all countries. of the world do not respect the sanctity of the passport and the nationality of the motherland… and therefore, Ambassador Al-Harith is ahead (the test). Either he will be victorious for his homeland, Sudan, within. in the Security Council and prove the “sincerity” of his previous positions, otherwise he will face a resounding “national fall”, pursued by the “curses” of his people and marked by “hypocrisy”. because there is still hope in us..!!!

*We will write and write…!!!*

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