Police General Omar Qaddour: The Sudanese people will not be oppressed and victory is approaching

Lieutenant General Dr. Omar Ahmed Qaddour, Police, Sudanese Armed Forces, their firmness and strength in confronting and defending the homeland, as well as stationed regular forces, said that victory is approaching, God willing, and the Sudanese people will not submit. or submitted.

Police Lieutenant General Dr. Omar Qaddour added during an exceptional dialogue session at his home in Al-Damir that Sudan is a big name among countries and all its people must strive to preserve it. that we all love it and adore its terroir.

Lieutenant General Dr. Qaddour Bin Qaddour, Sudanese Nilotic family Damriya Al-Shaadinabiya, opened his heart to the lights in the presence of our colleague, Professor Al-Naqr Majzoub Abu Ashma, and after greeting the Qaddour family and offering condolences for the passing of the scholar, historian, researcher, Professor Al-Sir Qaddour, may God accept it with good acceptance, he opened the treasures of memories, the man of Drew, Damer Hamad, Al-Majzoub and Abdullah Al -Tayeb. Muhammad Al-Tayeb and Mayor Hajj Ali Saleh, may God prolong his life

Dr Qaddour spoke about the media, the discourse of those who know them, because they are media and documented and have their say on this subject. He said that media and culture deliver the required message when they start from and are the driving force behind society. those who together form the identity of the state and society, Lt. Gen. Qaddour said that creativity occurs through free national media aimed at communities outside the functional official media.

Which is often limited and for a specific purpose

He added that the development of online learning tools has greatly contributed to the development of media, which is why it has become a world war. Therefore, greater attention must be paid to the media emanating from society, because they are the ones capable of transmitting the message. Dr. Omar Qaddour's message confirmed that the war in Sudan is a media war and that it targets the country as a whole, its human being, its society and its values, and that everyone sees the competition. The incident was welcomed by Lieutenant General Omar Qaddour. in the media

State official and minister Mustafa Al-Sharif said he was a qualified and distinguished administrator who lacked capacity and worked within the limits of available capacity. He also praised the electronic media. the rooms to repel rumors and confront lies. He said it was growing and he was following it.

Regarding culture, Lt. Gen. Qaddour said that Al-Damer is the center of culture in the North and was a university for all types of culture, art and literature, and this stemmed from fact that Al-Damer was a city. which included creative people among its population and those who came to settle and be part of it. He said that the presence of Magadhibs with their religious culture and Sufism contributed to the realization of a culture that extended its reach in all its aspects. , including the emergence of Abdullah Al-Tayeb, Al-Tayeb Muhammad Al-Tayeb, Ukair Al-Damer, Awlad Qaddour and a large number of intellectuals with their literature and legacy.

Because Al-Dahmer was built on a historical and religious heritage

So there was celibacy, mihrab, seclusion and Sufism, and from all this were born these people who became moles and marks in the heritage and culture of the homeland.

Dr. Fariq Omar Qaddour spoke about the great role that public cultural forums can play, especially in enlightening and revitalizing society and raising the level of consciousness, especially in these times when the nation needs all structures.

Not to mention the major role of cultural clubs. Sport and the role of women

The interview touched on economic and social development, asserting that both are linked to culture.

Media is the common denominator

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