Political complications and external intersections are the cause of the delay in the victory of the Sudanese forces ✍️ Bakri Khader Muhammad Othman Aburnat

* *Pen and Dana*

*⭕Political complications and external intersections are behind the delay in the victory of the Sudanese forces*

This critical stage our country is going through requires everyone to come together and make more concessions. It also needs wise men and experts who can adapt and manage foreign policy and domestic problems and deal with them wisely and calmly, without reacting.

Yes, there are external intersections in the name of international interests and intelligence programs that have increased the tension and conflict that currently exists in the Sudanese state, with countries supporting the rebellion directly and indirectly, which is a fundamental reason to delay the hour of victory. for the armed forces… and also, on the other hand, there are internal and external complications that have had an obvious impact over time. War has ideological complexities, for example, an old conflict that has now restarted. War, along with ethnic and regional complexities, have now emerged voices that fuel conflict due to authoritarian marginalization or military marginalization. They should have abandoned the conflict now and rise up for the sake of the greater interest, ensuring the survival of the country. the Sudanese state, and demand their rights after stability, the end of the war and ensuring the unity of Sudan…

We must all be fully aware of the magnitude of the conspiracy against us and our country, and join and support our army, because by God, the situation of our country will not be stable until our army is defeated. The situation in our country will not be stable as long as our army is weak. Nor will our country's situation be stable as long as we fight for personal victories or narrow partisan interests. regional conflicts. This serves the interests of the external community which supports the destabilization of the security and stability of Sudan…

The Sudanese people have only one choice, not a second or third, which is the victory of the armed forces, regardless of their ideological, ethnic or regional composition. Only a military institution represents the Sudanese state, protects its lands and preserves its territory. dignity of its people. The army's victory is a victory for the sovereignty of the Sudanese state. It is the sole guarantor of the territorial integrity of Sudan. guarantor of the cohesion of the Sudanese people. We must all embrace and support our armed forces in the war they are currently waging to defend the people of Sudan against the lawless rebel groups brought in from neighboring countries, supported and invited by many. countries that want to humiliate the Sudanese people, steal their dignity, plunder their resources, occupy their lands and replace… Section…

*Oh my God, grant victory to our armed forces, preserve the unity of our lands and unite the word of our nation*

*✒️Bakri Khidr Muhammad Othman Aburnat*

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