Popular resistance, Northern War veterans and the media system are in the same trench in the Battle of Karama.

The media system delegation responsible for documenting the Battle of Karama, led by Lieutenant General Dr. Omar Al-Nur, met with the Popular Resistance of the Northern State.

Popular resistance, Northern State veterans and the media system joined forces to document the Battle of Dignity based on the coordination arrangements of the Battle of Dignity under the command of the armed forces to clean up the country dirt from the militia. rebellion.

In a meeting with a delegation of ex-combatants from the state, Dr. Abdul Rahman Faqiri, acting leader of the popular resistance in the northern state, announced arrangements to hold an inclusive conference enabling people of the north to choose who will represent them in these times of crisis. war and peace.

Faqiri explained that the meeting focused on documenting the Battle of Karama, in addition to benefiting from the experiences of veterans.

The Dr. celebrated. Faqiri with the people of the north and declared that the popular resistance has started from Marawi and will continue to support the army with money and men.

Dr. Hayat Hamida praised the role of popular resistance in supporting the armed forces in training and arming

Dr. Omar Al-Nur said that popular resistance and veterans are ready to protect the state.

He boasted about the state’s role in documentation and added, “Northern state is a pioneer and we found it better prepared in documentation. »

He thanked national media professionals and their role in the battle for dignity

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