Popular resistance participates in environmental sanitation campaign in Shindi

The leaders of the popular resistance of southern Shendi participated in the environmental sanitation campaign implemented by the locality of Shendi at the level of its administrative units.

The leader of the popular resistance in southern Shindi, Muhammad Abdel-Wahab Wad al-Assad, said that the role of popular resistance is not limited to repelling aggression or preparing to confront the enemy.

Wad Al-Assad added that environmental sanitation is part of society's security and that ignorance, poverty and disease pose threats to national security.

He stressed that the participation of popular resistance leaders and mobilized people in the launch of the environmental sanitation campaign in Shindi and the Qalaia region south of Shendi is a confirmation of the role of popular resistance in service to society, at the forefront of which is securing the citizen.

For his part, Ali Ibrahim Ali Hamed, member of the Popular Resistance of South Shendi, praised the wide participation of community groups in the environmental sanitation campaign, which demonstrates the high level of awareness on health issues environmental.

Abdel Latif Akar estimated that cultural and educational institutions must contribute to training sessions on waste sorting and recycling to valorize waste.

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