Popular shame and official shame towards the Sudanese citizen ✍️ Muhammad Talab

The (Sudanese-Sudanese) war has passed its first year, or rather (the first year) of its (primary) phase, and there is a lot of difference between them. this turned into years of studying without studying (lesson only) then (weakness and fatigue) and since the war is in (the stage We thank God that it has moved from the (basic) stage to the (primary) stage Otherwise, our situation would have been more serious, because it will still take years to reach (secondary) levels, and we still cling to the hope of reaching (a university level) which guarantees the unity of the national class and the unity of the national army instead of (a cauldron in tears) Everyone (maneuver) and supports all against all to make them cry, and the point makes a big difference, just like the letter. , and (morphology) turns cheerfulness into cheerfulness, and the mosque turns into tears, and so on (your semantics)…

We will only reap from wars ruins and destruction, and the Sudanese citizen inside and outside is suffering and suffering from the (Sudanese-Sudanese) crisis… and its parties and leaders are wildly throwing accusations without respect the rules and foundations. diplomacy and respect for international and humanitarian systems to move forward without moving towards a non-State.

In fact, neighboring African, Arab and Islamic countries provided what they could to the Sudanese refugees, while the official authorities and others in these countries acted as if “pregnant women are tarsha”, as they say. in our country… as if they had not heard of this war and these disasters.

What happened to the Sudanese people… and the media gave us many photos, videos, parties, dances and songs in neighboring countries, while thousands of people die every day, if not from bombs, then from bullets and attacks, at least because of hunger. , disease and disability in Sudan.

This is specifically about the embassies and organizations of the Sudanese communities in these countries, and to be more honest, I will talk about these parties in the country in which I took refuge and which welcomed me and thousands of Sudanese families, with all the comforts. and brought us a lot. However, (our embassy) in this country is breaking the backs of its citizens with expenses that are of no use to them. Rather, they view the crisis as a source of income to meet their expenses. (the embassy and the building) and its employees, while its citizens suffer more and more when it comes to their embassy. Issuance of any document costs less than one hundred dollars, which can exceed the monthly salary of the service requester in his country. origin… The major problem facing Sudanese families is education. Praise be to God, the country that hosts us humanitarian and charitable organizations and its citizens, its government and its people, are doing a lot of good and doing good to the Sudanese people. and feel their suffering. As a refugee, the government grants you the right of residence and public services, and you find an entity that takes care of education, health, etc., but you end up with the problem of obtaining papers proving that you are. pregnant husband is about to do it. The situation is your husband and your son or daughter is at such and such a stage and has completed such and such a year as entry material for their admission to school, which may also subject them to an assessment exam… . I will tell you in a separate article about the bad education revealed by these assessment exams…

Now let's talk about the embassy and its expenses, not to mention the poor services rendered there… Tell me, for God's sake, where can an unemployed refugee find $500 to obtain certificates for their children. .. I will not add more to this… Leave me only on the education portal… As for the Sudanese communities and Sudanese clubs, I have not heard a voice or seen a role for them in matters of education, filling the void of children, and reorienting them psychologically from what the cursed war has left in the souls of these weak groups who even need care in times of peace, not to mention an internecine war …those clubs that are active in parties, clubs, and demonstrations of social hypocrisy and neglect the most important issues related to these families, to future generations and to children in particular, and they could have done a lot and infinitely beautiful things… Of all these gatherings, only one Syrian woman is active, I repeat, Syria had a school in Sudan, and the war with us brought her here to give us a great lesson in social responsibility and moral. She works with unprecedented activity in the field of education of the Sudanese. creating a large number of groups in the media and succeeds in absorbing many Sudanese into schools through its efforts with government departments and the Ministry of Education and school principals hold a meeting here and visit the same day at a meeting there, and our embassy, ​​our clubs and the community (this is me complaining, may God be pleased with the pregnant woman, Tarsha)… and she takes and guesses in pennies, and (dot) is the snapshot and dot of a newline.

Peace be upon Sudan and the Sudanese people

And grant peace to the host country in God's vast territory, then peace

Good morning

Mohammed asked

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