Post-war Sudan ✍️ Amir Al-Jaali

The dangerous statement of the Chadian Janjaweed Al-Amin Al-Dodo, who denounced the patriot Musa Hilal for declaring his support for the armed forces to confront the rebel militias, and also confirmed that as Arabs in the diaspora, they continue to create a future for this group in the land of Sudan, with the help of all the tribes that have ties to this people and the Faza regime, and with the help of some country supporters and individuals (the Sudan will be composed solely of Arabs from the diaspora). Of course, this speech completely denies what the militia was promoting, namely that it seeks to establish democracy and fight the Kizan, the remnants and the State of 1956. It reveals from the first moment that this militia does not resort to nothing but abusing people, plundering their property and forcing them to leave their lands and homeland. On the other hand, there was a group of Sudanese who believed and supported the militia in this move, thinking and under the illusion that it was telling the truth. in what he said, ignoring what he did in all the regions whose soil their feet had desecrated. Some of these people were seduced by the militia with the money that they had seized from the resources of this country, and after that it appeared. is that the plan was clearly explained to everyone except those who refused, so that we now have no other option than to bypass the armed forces and other security services. There is no more time for doubts or settlement. The time has now come for the homeland to ensure only our continuity and our presence on its territory, and the time is no longer for discussion about who governs, who is displaced or expelled, and the situation requires unity and solidarity. and the rejection of differences. If we continue as we are doing, tomorrow we will find nothing to fight for, because the homeland becomes the property of the Arabs of the diaspora according to what is planned and decreed and according to the work that is done for the moment. .

Final crumb:

We must forget our local training (Kaizan, Qahata, etc.). The Qahati are targeted, just like the Qahati. These people do not differentiate between this and that, and they only have one problem, and that is the search for a homeland. and they seek with all their strength and that of those who supported them to make Sudan their home.

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