Precious shendi (goods) from Sudan – Masarat – ✍️ Mahfouz Abdeen

With the history of the marches that tried to fulfill the desire of the militias and reach the country of Shindi Set (Al-Zouk), but with the strength of the anti-government forces, they became exhausted and the dreams were shattered.

Shendi will remain disobedient to all those with overt and hidden intentions.

And Shandi, for those who do not know its value, has lost its value (the trumpets) of militia, which demands (the day) and (the night) to achieve the impossible (the dream), which reaches the land of the 'intruder. The crematorium of (Pacha).

Perhaps Abdel Moneim Al-Rabie, who was part of the Islamists, was supposed to be one of the “beacons” and defend the truth with the means at his disposal, but it became clear that he was a “man ” with “ignorance,” because he abandoned the “capacity” of Islam and triumphed over “tribalism.”

He was the one who (evaluated) Shendi for those who don't know her, and he said that if they had the choice between entering (Paradise) and entering (Shendi), they would choose to enter Shendi.

It seems that this (spring) person with a mood other than (moderate) does not know (Paradise) nor its specifications mentioned in the Wise Book. It is God's precious (commodity) which He has allocated to His servants who strive, seek reward, be patient, remember, heal people and control their anger, and (Paradise) contains what no other ear has heard and no human heart has come to mind if their dreams are related to (Shandi) and. not (Paradise), then their dreams are like the dreams of the foolish Quraysh.

Shandi is the (precious) Sudanese commodity that rebelled against invaders, oppressors, greedy people and seekers.

Then their dreams were shattered and they remained powerless through the ages and generations.

If these marches were a “tribute” to the parade column and a show of power on Shendi's part, then Shendi will return the “salute” with a better one, and she doesn't need a “command” or 'advice', as Professor Hussein Khojali declared in his quartet that traveled the world, a tribute to Shendi and what he said there.

I don't want any advice from me

Like Jesus Christ, the Tibetan is an eloquent speaker

Smell your perfume before giving the flowers their fragrance

And Al-Qayf's neighbor doesn't ask for a plate for herself.

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