Press message: Building bridges of honesty and honesty in the world of media ✍️Taha Haroun Hamed


Journalism is considered an essential pillar in building strong societies, because journalists are expected to carry a true message that reflects lived reality with transparency, clarity and honesty. Honesty and honesty are two fundamental pillars on which journalistic work must be based to ensure that the true message is addressed directly and effectively to society.


True journalism is not just about reporting information, it requires the journalist to be an ambassador of the truth. The journalist must be ready to verify the information and ensure its authenticity before publishing it, so that the information does not turn into a tool of rumors and disinformation, and does not become a mockery between readers and followers. the journalist and readers, and constitutes a bridge that connects truth, integrity and the public.


Honesty means respect for ethical standards (social norms and traditions and fear of God) and professionalism in the field of journalism. A journalist must be committed to providing fair and impartial information, maintaining neutrality and staying away from outside influences that could taint his or her message. Honesty is a way to build integrity and credibility in journalism.

Real message:

The press message has a great responsibility in directing the public towards a correct understanding of events and developments. The real message must be based on careful research and investigation and reflect diversity and inclusiveness in the provision of information. True journalism seeks to inspire thought and encourage constructive debate within society because it represents authority.

Fourth, the observer on behalf of the public


In the age of digital media and rapid dissemination of information, the role of journalism remains vital in guiding public opinion. Journalists who are honest and sincere in their message help build a more connected and understanding society. They represent the cornerstone of building bridges between the truth and the public, contributing to positive change and transparency in the communities they serve.

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