Random mining, environmental pollution and the spread of disease ✍️ Taha Haroun Hamed

**Indiscriminate or unlicensed mining represents a major challenge globally, leading to serious negative impacts on health, the environment, the economy and local communities. This type of unregulated or illegal mining is considered one of the biggest problems facing many countries. as we use it. Population in a situation of low agricultural production, lack of rain and lack of financing. The impact of climate change, desert encroachment, armed conflict and lack of marketing opportunities, as in the case of gum arabic.

** Security

Indiscriminate mining exposes workers and local communities to many dangers, due to the lack of safety and health measures.

deterioration of local communities,

The deterioration of infrastructure and public services, affecting the quality of life of residents.


Indiscriminate mining fuels intense social conflicts over resources and land between local community components and mining companies or teams.


Indiscriminate mining releases toxic chemicals into the soil, water and air, causing many serious health problems among children and the elderly.

It is linked to an increase in the incidence of infectious and chronic diseases, due to pollution and nutritional deficiencies.


Indiscriminate mining leads to the destruction of plants, death of animals, environmental habitats and reserves, which affects biodiversity. In addition to causing damage to natural areas, due to the drilling and excavation process.


Illegal mining reduces investment opportunities in environmentally sustainable sectors. And that leads

To the loss of resources, without achieving added value or appropriate revenue for the State.

Therefore, monitoring and enforcement of environmental laws must be strengthened, in addition to raising awareness, encouraging sustainable investments and educational projects, in order to improve general conditions, the environment, the economy and the population local.

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