Reading among the young people of the Sudanese community in Egypt, a bet on the future – something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

Egypt, cradle of Arab civilization, incubator of culture and knowledge, country full of ancient libraries and various books, constitutes an ideal environment for developing the culture of reading among the youth of the Sudanese community, and its libraries constitute a rich cultural heritage. wealth accessible to all, doors open to the worlds of knowledge, but the reality of benefiting from this wealth among young people The community is somewhat frustrated. Few of our young people use public libraries, suggesting a worrying decline in the culture of reading. , including the Egyptian Public Library, whose subscription only requires a copy of passport, a personal photo and an amount not exceeding 40 Egyptian pounds per year, in exchange for borrowing up to five books and facilities restitution and benefit from library activities. its main location in Dokki on the Corniche or its widespread branches.

Instilling a love of reading in our children from an early age is a collective responsibility of the family and society. Children are the builders of the future, and our desire to develop their reading skills guarantees them a promising future. Our children's interest in reading is one of their tasks, especially parents, and part of the household expenses is deducted for the purchase of a children's book. or a magazine.

Young people in the community face another dilemma: the difficulty of obtaining books. The high prices of paper books are a barrier for many, while e-books still have limited popularity, especially among young people on limited incomes, Sudanese associations and associations. Egyptian organizations are responsible for playing a central role in encouraging reading among the community's youth. By providing libraries, facilitating access to books and creating reading initiatives and programs, we can create a rich cultural environment that motivates our young people to. read and contributes to developing their skills and promoting their culture.

A promising future and the challenges it faces:

The future of reading among the youth of the Sudanese community in Egypt holds the promise of a bright future, but it faces many challenges, including weak reading culture and lack of awareness of reading. importance of reading and its benefits, with the difficulty of obtaining books, the high prices of paper books, the scarcity of electronic books and the preoccupation of young people for electronic means, to spend a lot of time on reading sites social networks and electronic games to the detriment of reading.

To achieve our goals of promoting a passion for reading, we must cooperate collectively to address these challenges, by raising awareness of the importance of reading, through awareness campaigns targeting diverse groups in society, and by supporting libraries personal libraries and libraries of Sudanese associations, organizations, and homes, by providing more of them and equipping them with modern capabilities, providing books and encouraging borrowing. Create reading initiatives and programs by organizing competitions and prizes, encouraging group reading and using electronic means by creating electronic libraries and interactive applications to facilitate reading. access to books.

Reading is a gateway to knowledge and a path to progress. Let's work together to instill a love of reading in the hearts of young people in the community and help build a bright future for them and the country.

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