Reconstruction and after the end of this cursed war and importance of the digital transformation trend in Sudan ✍️ Professor: Fikri Kabbashi, Al-Amin Al-Arabi

One of the most important results of this damn war, which lasted more than a year, highlighted the importance of moving towards what is called digital transformation, which represents the transition of government sectors or companies towards a business model that leverages digital technologies to innovate products and services and provide new revenue channels that increase the value of… Its products, as well as the astonishing development of devices, intelligent machines and systems will shorten lead times, reduce costs and achieve greater flexibility and efficiency in production. processes, and great capacity in data processing and artificial intelligence. There is no doubt that these developments will expand the scope of development and change and bring about unprecedented transformations in the economy and the labor market, as well as in the industrial sector, of which digital transformation represents one. of the most important drivers and catalysts of growth of large companies and administrations, which imposes on companies a decisive race to develop innovative solutions that ensure their continuity in the circle of competition.

The practical application of digital transformation can start with developing a digital strategy and improving the current situation, and this can only be achieved by measuring current digital capabilities after assessing the extent of destruction caused by this damn war to determine the best working structure for digital marketing activities. Next, the requirements of the investment plans are determined, along with the identification of obstacles to digital integration, in order to create a comprehensive and accurate plan for all circumstances and accelerate the transformation towards the desired path. Finally, there must be change management for digital transformation that includes an elite group of experts as the main condition for achieving strategic goals.

Digital transformation has many and varied benefits that are not hidden from anyone, not only for customers and the public, but also for government institutions and businesses, including the fact that it significantly saves costs and expenses. efforts, to improve and organize operational efficiency and to contribute to improving the quality and simplifying the procedures for obtaining the services provided to beneficiaries. This also creates opportunities to provide innovative and creative services outside of traditional methods of service delivery, and digital transformation helps government institutions and businesses to grow and spread on a larger scale and reach a segment wider range of customers and public. , after the end of this cursed war and the beginning of the first stages of the reconstruction process. To pave the way for a democratic transition, we must start today, before tomorrow, to develop an integrated digital transformation strategy as part of the overall national strategy. plan, provided that this strategic plan is translated into projects and programs within a specific time frame, and the starting point should be the acceleration of Sudan's membership in the SMART AFRICA Alliance “which includes (32) countries and whose the headquarters is in the state. of Rwanda to ensure technical support is obtained to develop the communications sector, as it is one of the important sectors that support and ensure the success of digital transformation, which contributes to macroeconomic renaissance and the achievement sustainable development in Sudan.

Teacher: Fikri Kabbashi Al-Amin Al-Arabi.

April 24, 2024 AD.

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