Resistance and reality of States – scattered fragments – ✍️ Dhul-Nourin Nasr al-Din al-Lawyer

Popular armed resistance draws its legitimacy from religion (And fight for the cause of God those who fight you) verse (Fight therefore what you seek until you come to the command of God) (The fight is prescribed for you) verse

It is the duty of every person capable of carrying a weapon to defend the five necessities (preservation of religion, life, spirit, money and lineage). These necessities are necessary for the establishment of the interests of society. Defense and protection are a religious duty. and an individual obligation for every citizen, in all ways and means.

Popular resistance born from the heart of the people will inevitably be victorious, by the will of God, and will impose a new reality in the construction of the State in order to rally around it all the components and all sectors of society without any hesitation.

Senior generals and veteran commanders are at the forefront of leading popular resistance in all states, which brings assurance and satisfaction about its future and makes people want to join their formations and trust the generals. support in this historical epic a national and societal intellectual force of elite academics, thinkers, businessmen, opinion makers and the Sudanese people in general to establish the resistance on new foundations and foundations and in accordance standards of citizenship and equal rights. , strength, belonging and loyalty to the homeland, all political trends, regionalisms and regions have merged into the fortress of popular resistance.

Army and state leaders ensured that state executive bodies dealt with resistance formations and formations without constitutionally framing them so that they could not rely on the authority of Lt. General Yasser Al-Atta. details of the resistance's objectives and its organizational structures. The state regards the armed popular resistance as a unified national unit to manage the state in the future and supervise the appointment of the executive apparatus and parliamentary bodies through this popular mechanism that establishes the state. people's government of the state

What some state governors don't know is that military leaders view the success of state governments through the prism of the momentum of popular resistance, its weakness in terms of construction, training, maintenance, cooperation and facilitation of executive coordination mechanisms with the sectors of power. the people, and the extent of the people's satisfaction with their government through popular resistance, and the extent of their popular rallying around the army.

The military leadership, especially Lieutenant General Al-Burhan, and through their intelligence and security services and their veterans, know everything that is happening in the states. It is from them that leaders get their information. The state also relies on the need for change in these states. of the States on the services and people of the State, including generals and retired officers, because the bonds of the army, their bond and their national belief are neither above nor tainted by any inclination or no desire. is confident in the future of resistance in the States because at its head are generals who supervise their construction and training, teach leadership and, in the smallest details, their efforts to support the war effort and mobilize the society to give money and spend on training, supplies and bases, and develop military plans to secure and fortify the state in close coordination with the armed forces and other regular agencies and the committee of state security.

The change that has occurred recently in some states has been hidden due to the weak popular response and the pace of popular resistance. This is an indication of the weakness of the leadership of the executive apparatus of these states. of States if the situation in certain States continues to slow down and if the response of popular resistance continues to weaken.

The current popular resistance, which makes up for all previous illnesses and ills as well as the imbalance of political parties, is a new starting point for establishing a national dream and is in line with the goals and objectives of the popular resistance.

Governors, the cornerstones of armed popular resistance are linked to securing and fortifying the State because it is the engine of societies and the link between the State and society, which is why the resistance with the state security services precedes it in a high, courteous and satisfactory manner. Only the bet remains on the state governors for more provisions and not to miss the resistance bodies in all public affairs. They have the upper hand.


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