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*Why was Saudi Arabia the only one to call for the implementation of the Jeddah results?

*Saudi Arabia knows in detail that the UAE is the reason for the failure of the Jeddah platform*

*UAE's supply of arms to militias is one of the most important reasons for continued fighting*

*UAE behavior towards Sudan threatens Saudi Arabia's interests in the Red Sea and Sudan*

This was stated in a statement issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 28, 2024 AD: “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed the deep concern of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regarding the escalation of military tensions in the region of 'Al-Fasher, in North Darfur. .

The ministry renewed the Kingdom's call to all parties in Sudan to adhere to the results of the Jeddah talks aimed at realizing the interests of the Sudanese people by accelerating agreement on the project aimed at stopping hostilities and resolving the crisis through political dialogue, to preserve the unity of the Republic of Sudan and the security of its population and its capabilities.

Although Saudi Arabia is one of the mediators of the Jeddah Platform, this is the first time since October 2023 AD (and after six months) that the Kingdom has renewed its call to implement the Jeddah results, an agreement signed since May 2023 AD. , and 11 months have passed, and the rapid support militias have not committed to implementing any of its provisions, including the obligations related to respect for international humanitarian law and international human rights law, which are obligations that cannot be transferred or postponed by law, as provided by law. as well as the obligation to distinguish at all times between civilians and combatants, and between civilian objects and military objectives, to refrain from any attack against civilians and to take all possible precautions to avoid and reduce damage caused to them , evacuate urban centers, including civilian homes, refrain from using civilians as human shields, and ensure that checkpoints are not used in violation of the principle of freedom of movement of civilians and agencies humanitarian, as well as the obligation to protect the needs and necessities essential to the survival of the civilian population. may include food supplies, agricultural areas, crops and livestock. Looting, plundering and destruction are also prohibited.

Commitment to evacuate and refrain from taking possession of, respecting and protecting all private and public facilities, such as medical facilities, hospitals, water and electricity facilities, and using them for any purpose military personnel, refraining from engaging in enforced disappearances and arbitrary detention of civilians, and refraining from any form of torture or other cruel or inhumane treatment or degrading violence, including sexual violence of any kind, and treat all persons deprived of their liberty with humanity,

Has the Rapid Support Militia implemented any of these commitments? The answer is no ?

After thanking the Kingdom for its invitation, which was delayed by 6 months, many questions arise, the first of which is why was the Kingdom alone in renewing the call to implement the results from Jeddah? Why did America (the other partner of the Jeddah platform) not participate in the renewal of this call? What if these are indicators of a difference of opinion or a conflict of interest between mediators in Jeddah?

The brothers of the Kingdom know for sure that one of the most important reasons for the failure of the Jeddah platform is the direct control of the UAE over the decision of the Rapid Support Militia. They know in detail that the UAE's supply of weapons to the militia is low. This is one of the reasons for the continuation of the fighting and the worsening of its effects, particularly on the civilian population. It is no secret that there is a divergence of views between the Kingdom and the Emirates, similar to what happened in Yemen. an important reason for the Houthis' continued control over Yemen.

The problem may lie in US influence over the Kingdom, like the Emirates, which may have reduced the Kingdom's ability to influence UAE politics and caused it to cease its support for the support militia fast.

Saudi Arabia is a state of institutions and is undoubtedly fully aware of the great threat to its interests in the Red Sea and its strategic relationship with Sudan, and its silence on the behavior of the Emirates comes in opposition to her and her reputation. and its influence as one of the largest Arab and Islamic countries. After a few weeks, America will be preoccupied with the elections, and their results will be reflected, even temporarily, in the region.

April 29, 2024 AD

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