Sebo agricultural project in Dalgo, a symbol of firmness and success – something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

The wheat harvest celebrations at the Sebo Agricultural Project, Dalgo locality, embody a great victory for the farmers of the state, in the face of challenges and difficulties. These celebrations are a living testimony of their determination to ensure the country's food security. , ensure the livelihoods of citizens and move the economy forward.

Agricultural projects are the main pillar for providing the country with strategic crops, such as wheat, which is one of the most important elements of food security, and Sudan relies heavily on farmers who work tirelessly to provide these crops vital.

The state government pays great attention to agriculture, believing in its importance in achieving self-sufficiency and achieving sustainable development. This interest is manifested by supporting farmers, providing them with all the capabilities necessary for their success and encouraging them to increase their productivity, despite the exceptional conditions. circumstances the country is going through due to war, but productivity Strategic yields this year in the state have been high, thanks to the persistent efforts of farmers, government support and favorable climatic conditions.

The state's farmers are proving their ability to make all agricultural seasons a success and provide strategic stocks for the country. They also demonstrate that they are ready to approach the next agricultural seasons with determination and determination, convinced of the importance of their role. in achieving food security and economic development.

The wheat harvest festival celebrations at Sebo Agricultural Project in Dalgo locality of the state are a symbol of resilience and success. These celebrations embody the determination of Sudanese farmers to ensure the country's food security and drive the economy forward, regardless of challenges and difficulties. difficulties.

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