Shameless temptations and rebellion – Signs – ✍️ Rashid Abdul Rahim

Port Sudan and Shendi have become obsessed with rapid, chronic and blatant support.

After failing to reach them or expand outside of Khartoum and the island, they adopted an old approach that they know and are good at, namely sedition.

Shamelessness and rebellion can only live through conflict, lies and deception. They have done this throughout their history by conspiring against the armed forces and all political forces, using the weapon of oppression and tyranny when they were in power through the Framework Agreement and Next. by pushing the rebels to war.

Rapid Support did this by overthrowing the state whose leader was at the top.

They failed and greed continues to motivate them, so they continued to practice the wickedness and deception they are good at.

The radio interviewed a retired security general, with a personal conversation that did not express any direction, and therefore intended to exploit him and attach his ready-made accusations to the Islamists.

Qahat did not hesitate to use his speech, so Muhammad Al-Faki Suleiman (Faki Manqa) came out to weave his illusions and said: “The next plan of the Islamists is to blow up Eastern Sudan by causing unrest In the region. began with the speech of a former security director in Kassala State, and what he said was carefully calculated.

How did he know the calculation was correct?

Rapid Support did not delay and immediately began talking about its ambitions in the Red Sea. A spokesperson, calling themselves Gog and Magog, said: “As of today, all detention centers must be liquidated.

No one has any prisoners here. Detention centers must be cleaned. The fish there are hungry. Of course, the fish are not in Nyala or Al Daein.

The four supporters are shameless cowards who don't cope; Their impudence pushed them to war, so their forces entered Madani without fighting, and they also took all the positions assigned to them in Khartoum without fighting.

The battle on the field of operations continues with vigilance, and it must continue with the same vigilance to detect and repel their media and external movements.

The way of the defeated is to hide and sting.

. Scorpions and snakes have a known treatment.

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