She is dear to me, even though she is my neighbor. They are my family, even if they are dear to me ✍️ Bakri Khadr Muhammad Othman Aburnat.

Here are the young people of Shindi and its inhabitants. They have spoken their word: You shall not enter it as long as we live. You will not wreak havoc there as long as we are in the heart of life. we breathe a sigh of relief. And you won't steal our money as long as we are its owners and guardians…

Yes, Shendi manifested in a purely masculine way when she heard the sound of the rifle and cannon. They said: “By God we will not return, and for anyone other than God we will not kneel.”

And know that you, hired traitors like the people of Shindi, do not let yourselves be intimidated by the marches, because they are now the commanders of the armored vehicles, and they are now with generous brothers who defend the honor of the structures, for God, the steps. will not increase their strength and firmness…

Greetings to the youth of Shindi, the men of Shindi, the sons of Shindi, the daughters of Shindi and the children of Shindi. You have spoken your word…

The love of death if it rises in damnation

And those who love death with rage are our enemies

And the beloved of glory in the center of Sudan

And the lovers of Jana and Majana

The fact that you wrote a unique national painting does not deserve thanks, because it is a duty and obligation, but they deserve praise for this.

So thank you, people of Shindi, and thank you, youth of Shindi. You educated me with patriotism, and this is another lesson we learn from you to defend honor, money, children and homeland… so the truth of Isma'in song is good for you…

If you come from Dil, Asfay, Maasati and Zli

Bakri Khader Muhammad Othman Aburnat

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