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*Hilal: We support the war of dignity so that Sudan regains its natural, united and stable place.*

*The announcement came at a crucial time, confirming to everyone, here and abroad, that this war is not a civil war and never will be*

*Many took the Sheikh slowly in announcing his position in favor of the army and the state, until they came to question him.*

*The announcement is an important step on the path to repairing the social fabric and exposes the claims of (He reprimanded us, our son…Hemedti is a red line)*

*The people of Darfur, whatever their differences, will not accept a fabricated state led by (diaspora Arabs)*

Yesterday, the leader of the Mahamid and the Revolutionary Awakening Council, Sheikh Musa Hilal, in a speech to his family and supporters, dealt a blow to the Rapid Support Militia project, saying he supports the State of 1956, supporting the Sudanese army. The armed forces are fighting in its ranks through the Awakening Organization, Hilal said while addressing his supporters. (We sacrifice the country with blood, and we are not supporters of war and we do not let's not honor the war, but armed looting took place, and we). are the ones who defended Sudan and our graves fill the earth so how can someone who is worthless talk about those who have rights and talk about the origin when he came in 2018 and talk about me with what right? Hemedti, according to what was reported by the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Al-Sudani), and he added: (For those who praise State 56, we tell them that State 56 is the independence of Sudan, State 56 is the Alumni Conference, State 56 is the Association of White Major General Ali Abdel Latif, State 56 is the leader of Al-Azhari, State 56 is M . Muhammad Ahmad Al-Mahjoub, State 56 is Mubarak Zarrouk, State 56 is Imam Abd al-Rahman al-Mahdi, State 56 is Mr. Ali al-Mirghani and those who fight State 56. are ignorant and arrogant people who know nothing We are with Sudan, with the independence of Sudan and with the homeland of Sudan We are militarizing as others are doing under the Sudanese state and the armed forces. , and we militarize under the Sudanese police, and we in the Sahwa camp are part of the nation and complete it, and we are politicized with our ideas and our proposed project. We are not slaves, we are free and. we will continue the journey, and no one dictates anything to us. This Sudan is a country of culture, heritage and science. This is why we declare our position to all sovereign, military and security states. , and economic institutions. He concluded by saying: “We are against the mercenaries who were brought in to invade Sudan from Libya, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Central Africa, Eritrea and Ethiopia. We are not part of them and we are not with them. them, and this is a message. »To all the families and all those who are begging to go to the capital of the country, to steal the rights of citizens and sabotage the state, and you must convey this message to all those under your care. , on behalf of your sons, brothers, cousins ​​and all those who hear your words, to remain strong with the homeland and its stability, with a ceasefire and with the cessation of the war in Sudan, c This is what is required of a country. good citizen. We must all be with the homeland and the armed forces and not with any militia. We speak the truth and with the truth and not the lie has been lost. We are with the war of dignity to return Sudan to its natural place. . united, stable, politically stable who runs the state)

Sheikh Musa Hilal was not amused by the suspicions or temptations that Hemedti presented to him personally before the war to join the plan to seize power by force. He warned and informed Hemedti and his tribal supporters that surprising the army would not succeed, and he warned him. He told them it was a failed adventure, and Hilal succeeded in doing it. He resisted enormous pressure and temptation from the militia and civilian leaders, but he refused all of this, exposing himself, his family and some of his loved ones. He played a major role in dismantling the militia incubator and continues to do so. Observers say what Sheikh Musa did was… In full coordination with the military and state leaders, a role similar to that of Sheikh Al-. Amin played until the moment of truth approached and the story became known.

Many took the sheikh slowly in announcing his position in favor of the army and the state, until they came to question him, and perhaps they apologized. Hilal, after his release with the notices filed, was besieged in his house, threatening to stand up. He was unable to leave Khartoum or Sudan, but he maintained his position on the militia and its projects hostile to the country and its stability.

This announcement comes at a crucial time, confirming to all, here and abroad, that this war is not a civil war and never will be, because the Mahamid community represents the majority, especially in the tribal areas located outside the borders, and it is linked to the extensions of the order of Tijaniya in the countries of North and West Africa, it also constitutes an important step on the path of repairing the social fabric and exposes allegations that “Hemedti is our son…Hemedti is a red line.” “This statement came simultaneously with the announcement of the accession of the Zaghawa tribes and armed movements to the armed forces, as further proof of the unity of the people of Darfur (blue and Arab) in the face of the ambitions of the expatriate Dagalo family .

There is no doubt that this position will encourage others to announce their separation from the militias and derail the plans and illusions of the militias and their allies in the region to establish a state in Darfur, after their failure to take control of Sudan. The people of Darfur, whatever their differences, will not accept a fabricated state led by (diaspora Arabs) and its army of mercenaries, looters and criminals.

April 23, 2024 AD

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