Shendi City Unit Director Holds Meeting for Major Cleanliness Campaign in Shendi City Unit

The director of the Shendi City unit, Mr. Nasr al-Din Ali Ishaq, held a meeting for the cleanliness campaign in his office this Sunday afternoon, in the presence of the administrative head of the unit Senussi, Suleiman Ahmed, and Major General Moatasem. al-Jamri, the Committee to Support the Armed Forces and Popular Resistance, Mr. Ali Ahmed Ali al-Aqib, member of the popular resistance in the locality of Shendi, and Mr. Bashir Khatam Badi, coordinator of Mustafarin, place 8 Journalist and Professor Mahfouz Abdeen, representative of the Media Association, and Mr. Nasr al-Din Ali, director of the Shendi municipal unit, began the meeting by stating that the campaign would take place next Tuesday and would include all. parts of the city, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness in certain aspects of life and that it is a civilized behavior that contributes to the progress of nations, highlighting the participation of the Department of Health and Population with spraying of fog in this area, Major General Moatasem Al-Jamri indicated that the opening strike of this campaign would be organized. be on square 8, and then the sea and the neighborhoods west of the railway will be attacked. Professor Al-Senussi Suleiman Ahmed, administrative head of the unit, also said that cleanliness is the title of the city. He mentioned that the higher the population density. , the greater the amount of waste, indicating the doubling of efforts due to the presence of expatriates in the Shendi locality. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Nasr al-Din Ali Ishaq, Director of the Shindi Unit, appealed to all officials. and people's organizations to participate in this campaign and called on the media and media professionals to cover the cleanliness campaign.


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