Shendi Executive: Partnerships with economic institutions for environmental sanitation programs

Executive Director of Shendi Locality, Khaled Abdul Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, announced that his locality will establish companies with banks, traders, businesses and institutions to implement a comprehensive and integrated sanitation program. environment in the locality, which will be first at the state level in the first stage and at the Sudan level in the second stage.

He revealed that Shindi locality will provide small waste transporters suitable for working in residential areas of villages and urban neighborhoods.

He stressed the importance of civilian support, which is no less important than military support, especially in the field of environmental sanitation and other services that represent great importance for the security of the citizen in health and social aspects.

He praised the great participation of the community in the environmental sanitation campaign launched in the old Shendi area above Square (8).

Director of the city's administrative unit, Nasr al-Din Ali Ishaq, said cleanliness should become a common behavior among the population. The campaigns carried out by the locality are the first blow for the citizen himself to become a key partner in environmental sanitation operations. .

He stressed that the participation of students in this campaign is the beginning of sensitizing children before adults about the importance of environmental sanitation.

Nasr al-Din called on the media to intensify their awareness programs in this regard to consolidate these concepts so that cleanliness becomes a culture that no longer needs campaigns, awareness, laws or regulations.

For his part, the leader of the Popular Resistance, Shindi, as well as General Moatasem Al-Jamri, praised the community participation which included all groups. This is a good indicator and a positive sign in the growing popular awareness of the importance of popular resistance. environmental sanitation operations.

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