Shendi Locality Executive Director: We are working with community partnerships to prepare hospitals and provide medications and medical supplies to the injured.

The Executive Director of Shendi locality, Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, chaired a meeting in the hall of the local presidency to support the wounded of the armed forces, in the presence of the local security committee, directors of Al -Maknamr and educational hospitals, the medical profession and Housh Banga, local leaders, financiers, notables and symbols of the Shendi community. The meeting discussed arrangements to prepare the hospital environment and prepare rural hospitals to receive the injured, in addition. provide a medical meal to the injured under the supervision of a specialized nutritionist

He greeted the CEO

The people of Shindi for their continued support to the armed forces by sending a number of convoys of support and support to the armed forces and supporting the wounded. The executive director called for more support and support for the injured from operations and added that. This step requires the unity of the ranks, the gathering of words and the continuation of the provision of all medical aid to the wounded from the operations, emphasizing the availability of the locality of Shendi to prepare the health environment and open rural hospitals for emergency cases.

While the representative of the Third Infantry Division praised the great support that the people of Shendi continue to give to their armed forces, he highlighted the successive victories on all axes and said that they would not give in inch of Sudanese land to a traitor. or agent.

While hospital directors called for intensifying efforts and meeting the needs of the injured, stressing the need to establish an advanced medical center to evacuate the injured, expressing thanks and appreciation to the locality of Shendi and its residents, who constantly provide all kinds of care. support for these hospitals.

While stakeholders renewed their focus on supporting and meeting all necessary hospital needs.

The meeting resulted in guidelines that include the formation of a committee to monitor the search for supports in coordination with the medical committee to meet all the needs of these hospitals. The door was opened to donations, which received an unprecedented response from a number of entities and organizations. people.

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