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Midday Wednesday was no ordinary day for a large group of journalists. Their knowledge increased, their information increased and they became acquainted with the executives who “created” success. No one knows the “efforts” they made and the “policies”. » They established that “success” rested on the wings of “ability”. And (the innovation), and the (the hanger) of failure did not find its place among these successes despite the large space.

That day, the media witnessed an initiative led by (youth) to honor (a young man) who volunteered to lay flowers (a wreath) at the venue and leave a mark for generations (testimony ).

It was time for young people to honor Dr. Kamal Al-Amin Othman, Director General of Shendi University Hospital. The hospital is a building occupied by (the sick) and the (healthy) for several decades. has not been afflicted with (weakness) or (weakness). He continued to provide his services sometimes at (level) and other times (below). The level can be due to the available abilities, their rarity and the weakness of the resources found there. , and sometimes the administration itself is (unable) to use the available capacities to the extent that this raises the level of services, or the lack of capacity to employ its workers optimally so as to release the latent energies of these people so that their gift is at the level Motivate (motivation) and reach the highest (summits).

It seems that Dr. Kamal Al-Amin Othman “succeeded” at what others who succeeded in running the hospital “failed.” He did not raise the “white” flag and surrender to all “circumstances” and “disabled” men. women to work.

With the skill of an experienced doctor, he was able to diagnose (diseases), prescribe (prescription) medicines and even pay the bill (for treatment) from his own resources.

It caused a change in (the people), in (the stone), in (the meanings) and (the buildings), so that the hospital took on a (new) form, even though the buildings it contained were (ancient) and (environmental). health) and (work environment) entered it, walking (strutting) among the patients and attendants and its workers.

Yes, Dr. Kamal Al-Amin was able, through these policies and good management, to compete with doctors of all levels, including consultants, specialists, specialty representatives, generals and trainees, nurses and workers at work, without (dependence) or (weak) excuses, because Dr. Kamal knew where (the fault) lay and he established policies (Finance). The workers' chests have not been cured (of the disease) and work is now carried out regularly according to policies, without interruption. or be suffering from (disease).

After Dr. Kamal finished addressing the problem of the (work) team, he embarked on a challenge he did not expect, and he carried (his burden) on behalf of those who did it. It is the problem of (the debt) which is at fault. has accumulated on the shoulders of the hospital, weighed it down, limited its development and (burdened) its movement, made it lose its ability to catch up with its counterparts, and even lost the trust of all those who occupy them, particularly in the medical sector. A few years ago, the hospital's debt exceeded 18 billion pounds, and at the time it was a (mythical) amount that made its children go gray. The policy is to do it. debt to (zero) and restore the (confidence) of medical device companies in their relationship with the hospital, and deal in a simpler and more convenient way, and even become competitive in providing their services in the manner required by the administration of the hospital, which was clearly reflected in the introduction of many (advanced) medical technologies (devices) into the hospital, which allows doctors, specialists in anesthesia and radiology in their various forms, examinations and other executives to help perform their service with excellent images.

The morgue was not far from this development, since its services were integrated with the introduction of autopsy, which was previously only performed in Khartoum or Atbara. Rather, forensic medicine has become present among the (old) and (modern) specialties that have come into service at. Shendi Hospital.

And Dr. Kamal Al-Amin, who received in his office the Department of Youth and Sports, headed by its director, Muzamil Sayed Ahmed, who appreciated this effort, and the Department of Media, headed by Alam Al-Din Musa, and a group of (expatriate) media personalities, including national television, Khartoum state television and radio, journalists, local media and the Ninety-Nine company, which sponsored (the tribute). The hospital director's office is a stone's throw from the morgue itself, which receives the dead, and from his adjacent office come those achievements that perfume life and give people health and well-being.

Dr. Kamal Al-Amin… May God grant you good health.

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