Shendi's health is at the forefront ✍️ Salah Ahmudi

The Shendi District General Administration of Health and Housing continues to care about public and environmental health by working daily in spraying and fogging, collecting water samples for analysis, and supervising health centers and accommodation centers.

To be honest and historical, I saw with my own eyes Ms. Ghada, one of the officials of the Ministry of Health, walking with her employees in the center of Shendi town during the peak of the migration.

Ms. Samia Othman, Director of the Department of Health and Housing, monitors everything related to health closely and carefully, holds all her staff accountable and encourages them to do their best.

The campaign carried out by the Shendi locality and media revealed the active participation of the health administration, its cadres and agencies, and the administration is preparing a major campaign in Dim al-Qarai on Saturday and Sunday in Kabushieh.

Greetings and thanks to all the staff of the General Administration of Health and Housing for the excellent work they are doing in environmental restoration and public health.

All these efforts have made Shendi an epidemic-free city

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