Shindi Academic Competitions Enter Semi-Finals

The academic competitions among Shindi middle school students entered the penultimate stage and Al-Qulaya (A) Girls' School completed the eight winning schools after overtaking Al-Qulaya (B) girls.

Director of the Preparatory Phase Department of the Shindi Education Department, Dr. Muhammad Musa Siddiq, said that competition between schools provides important indicators for the development of education development plans and strategies , especially in the post-war phase.

He pointed out that competition among students reveals many invisible observations that help school principals and teachers recognize and correct these observations, which has a significant impact on the educational process.

For his part, Director of Student and School Activities Al-Naqr Majzoub said that participating in such competitions has positive results for the students among us, broadening perceptions and horizons, gaining the ability to compete, treating of misleading questions that have more than one side, and accepting victory and defeat in the spirit of motivation.

It should be noted that these competitions are reserved for third-year middle school students who are taking exams this year for the first time after the return to school ladder stage.

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