Shindi Environmental Sanitation Campaign Transforms into National Campaign

The environmental sanitation campaign in Shindi has evolved from a local campaign to a national campaign.

The campaign, approved by the locality of Shendi, was launched at the level of its administrative units in the Qlayaat region, south of Shendi, with large official and popular participation.

The environmental sanitation campaign has transformed into a national campaign with the participation of many groups and entities, led by the Khartoum Journalists Association in Shindi, which includes journalists from national media institutions from satellite channels, radio stations and newspapers, as well as technical staff, including directors. , engineers, preparers, assembly and lighting technicians and broadcasters.

People from theater, stars and creativity participated in the campaign, led by actor Sayed Ahmed Mohamed Al-Hassan, Imam Hassan Imam and Ali Warta, and presented artistic works in support of the campaign. environmental sanitation.

A number of expatriates representing different regions of Sudan joined the campaign.

Executive Director of Shendi Locality, Khaled Abdul Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, said that the wide and multiple participation of groups and entities transformed the environmental sanitation campaign from a local campaign to a national campaign .

The campaign continues in the villages of Qlayaat and Muwais, then moves to the neighborhoods and town squares of Shendi, and then to the rest of the local areas.

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