Shindi is a symbol of strength and magnificence. Peace be upon the security committee – on low heat – ✍️ Khaled Muhammad Al-Baqir

🟣 At the heart of the challenges facing Sudan, the city of Shendi stands out as an example of strength and adherence to identity and determination.

🟢 This city, which is one of the most important economic and cultural centers

The country's social security system is now facing unprecedented challenges posed by rumor-spreading schemes and demonstrations that threaten the stability and security of citizens.

🟠But thanks to the awareness and cohesion of its inhabitants, these challenges are overcome in an admirable way.

🟤 The people of Shendi represent the backbone of Sudanese society, as they are distinguished by their cohesion and ability to coexist in the face of challenges.

🔵 Their courage and determination to maintain social peace in the darkest circumstances reflect their deep commitment to the values ​​of unity and cohesion.

🟢 Unfortunately, Shendi faces constant attempts to destabilize her by spreading rumors and fake news.

🟢 These attempts, which aim to stir up conflicts and undermine citizens' trust, are seen as part of plans to create a state of chaos.

🔴 The marches that the city witnessed recently were just an attempt to take the pulse of the citizens and create fear among them. However, thanks to the awareness and cohesion shown by the people of Shendi, these attempts were confronted and unity was demonstrated in the face of challenges.

⚪ The response of the citizens of Shendi has been a model of awareness and effective response to attempts to destabilize their society. By remaining calm, exchanging accurate information and not being guided by rumors, they continue to strengthen the spirit of resistance and strength in the face of challenges.

🟡 The Sudanese army, represented by the leadership of the 3rd Infantry Division, the National Security and Intelligence Service, the police with its various units and sections, and all regular services in all its units, has played a central role in protecting the country and supporting its stability, especially in the city of Shendi.

🟢 The Security Committee remains vigilant and ready to face any threat, which strengthens trust among citizens and constitutes a fundamental pillar of the security and safety of the nation.

🟤 It is necessary for the people of Shindi to continue to raise awareness and strengthen surveillance of any attempts at sedition or rumors.

🔵 Effective communication and the exchange of accurate information among community members helps prevent chaos and maintain social stability.

⚪ Despite repeated attempts to destabilize him, most recently yesterday by launching a marching group, the 3rd Infantry Division was able to face him without suffering, and he was landed via the anti-aircraft platform, sending strong messages to the enemy that Shindi is a rebel who cannot be penetrated or entered without knowing it.

🔴Shendi remains a symbol of strength and adherence to authentic values.

Its people must stand united in the face of challenges, armed with conscience and unity, to prove that peace and stability can prevail even in the most difficult circumstances.

⭕Letters on fire⭕

⚪ Shandi is also blessed with conscious leadership that has been able to achieve great success in all fields and issues.

⚪ Economic, social and security through the local security committee, led with great competence and training by Mr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar Al-Sheikh, executive director of the locality of Shendi, and its esteemed members.

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