Shindi Journalists Association Adopts Establishment of Unified Media Center in Shindi

Head of the Media Association in charge of Shendi locality, Professor Rajaa Al-Nuwairi, expressed his joy towards the visiting delegation of the Department of Moral Guidance of the Sudan Armed Forces, led by Major General Dr Maamoun Abdul Raouf Muhammad Saleh, Director General of the Guidance and Services Department, and a number of administration employees, in the presence of Colonel Hafez Fath al-Rahman, Director of Moral Guidance of the Third Division. infantry, expressed the joy of Shindi media professionals. were with the visit to the locality, the Department of Media and Communications and the Association of Media Professionals in Shindi, and confirmed the willingness of the association to double the support and support of the armed forces and their availability to at any time to deal with ongoing malicious campaigns. aimed at thwarting and reducing the significant advances of the armed forces, the armed popular resistance and the regular forces stationed in all places of enemy presence. The Association expressed its desire to establish a unified media center to prepare and publish targeted media messages that are in the interest of the nation, the armed forces and the popular resistance, in order to achieve the great victory, God willing. wanna.

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