Shindi Popular Resistance Begins to Increase Qualitative and Advanced Training

The South Shendi People's Resistance has begun to take necessary measures with relevant authorities to introduce advanced and qualitative training so as to help increase the number of fighters to provide the armed forces with the necessary manpower.

The South Shendi Popular Resistance held a meeting of resistance leaders, including committee leaders, mosque imams, and civil and popular leaders.

The meeting reviewed the projects of the popular resistance in terms of training, mobilization and specific training.

Muhammad Abdel-Wahab Wad al-Assad, leader of the Popular Resistance in South Shendi, said that the resistance has become a reality throughout Sudan and has been organized into structures to manage the work in a way that supports the armed forces with money, men and number of fighters.

Wad Al-Assad added that the meeting concluded with the intensification of work to face the challenges, especially since the armed forces are advanced on all axes and popular resistance is expected to play an important role after the victory of the armed forces and the end of the conflict. rebellion in all regions of the country.

A number of members of the South Shendi popular resistance have affirmed their unlimited support for the armed forces as they wage the battle for dignity against rebels, traitors and agents.

The resistance fighters saluted the armed forces who are fighting with great professionalism and progressing in all directions, marking the announcement of the great victory.

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