Sinja Locality Executive Director: We have completed all necessary arrangements to launch the national campaign against measles and rubella in Sinnar State.

The Executive Director of Sinja Locality in Sinnar State, Nasser Abdullah Nasser, confirmed the completion of all necessary arrangements to launch the national measles and rubella vaccination campaign in Sinnar State, appreciating the efforts of the Sinnar State Ministry of Health and Social Development. providing health services to citizens despite the challenges, emphasizing their full support for the campaign and calling on citizens in his locality to vaccinate their children.

For her part, Fatima Muhammad Abdel Halim, Director of General Administration of Basic Health Care at Sinar Health, praised the efforts of the locality of Sinjah. Fatima said that all the openings that took place in the locality of Sinjah were very successful and had a wide response. resonance.

Confirming that the launch of the campaign will take place at the same time in all localities in the state of Sinnar, and that the inauguration will take place in front of the locality of Sinja.

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