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0 The visit to Juba by Lieutenant General Shams al-Din al-Kabashi, Deputy Commander-in-Chief, was timely and a masterstroke. Al-Kabashi achieved great success and took a big step with the approval of the southern government, led by Salva Kiir, by agreeing to open safe routes to deliver humanitarian aid and relief supplies to sites affected by the war. The splendor of the visit increased when Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu, the leader of the Northern People's Movement, agreed to provide humanitarian aid to the movement's sites, and this was agreed between Al-Kabashi and Al- Helu. will hold a meeting next week for government and movement delegations to sign the document relating to operations in the two regions. Al-Kabashi's visit accomplished what was necessary, especially since the passage of humanitarian aid through Chad presents many problems due to the speed of support, in addition to the fact that aid who passes through Chad is poisoned and often loaded with weapons.

0 The speech I made yesterday about Boko unions supporting the militias provoked many reactions and divergent opinions, as well as many unruly people who directed insults and unacceptable remarks at me. I tell these people that your insults make me stronger and stronger and confirm that the blog hit the mark.

0 Without any announcement or prior warning, some states have announced an increase in the price of a gas cylinder from eighteen thousand to twenty-eight thousand, an increase that weighs on citizens who are still suffering from the flames of the war that displaced people and made them flee. from one state to another, and most of them do not have enough to meet their daily needs. Although this increase is justified, it burdens the citizen and increases his suffering, especially since it was not one or two pounds. Reconsider this decision.

0 The brave heroes of our armed forces obtained American Javelin missiles at Ahfad Girls' University in Omdurman. After the special forces appeared, the militia abandoned the missiles and retreated.

0 I followed an interview with creative artist Saber Jameel in the Mishwar Sa'a program presented by Mr. Al-Baqir on Al-Shamalia channel. Saber is one of the artists God blessed with a high voice and a distinctive voice. He just needs to be good at singing the most difficult songs sung by great artists. We say to our people of the north that the presence among you of the creative artist Saber Jameel is an asset and will relieve you from the effects of war and create for you the language of hope, peace, love and of the return of the homeland as it was and better, God willing.

0 From here, I declare all my solidarity with the armed forces and I call on all citizens to prepare and come out next Friday, God willing, to delegate our army… the army of our God, the guardian of our money and our blood.

0 Our deepest condolences to Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan for the passing of his son, and we extend our condolences to the media tribe for the deceased, Mr. Aboud Seif Al-Din, Director of Radio Belady, and we let us ask God to accept them well and make their tombs in the gardens of Paradise.

Finally, we say to all the heroic people of Sudan.

Who else gives to this people?

What it means to live and earn…

Who else can decide the story?

New values ​​and new paths…

0 Gogo army. And peace be upon all the Sudanese people.

0 Tomorrow, God willing, we will continue if there is any remaining life. And the God of intention behind it.

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