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* This is a fact obvious to the eyes and not denied by any arrogant person. Sports in the state of Sennar breathe with various sports activities including volleyball and tennis in the different categories (bourgeois, juniors, small, boys and youth). girls). They have continued and will continue to spread the art, creativity, skills and sports girls one after another, which will restore the glories and history of sports activities in all fields indoors and abroad. externally, at the national, regional and international levels. and we will return to podiums and airborne cups, and this is not far from God, if efforts are combined and everyone cooperates at the official and popular level, and at my age, this advancement needs a revolution and a sporting uprising that will bear fruit in the near future. The National Youth and Sports Council, federations and clubs need coordination and renewal of commitments to return the sport to its former times, glory and glory, and nothing is impossible at all. A distant collapse. Perhaps the stadiums and sports clubs in the state are full of young, fresh, blooming, green and enthusiastic sports equipment and dynamic spirit that aspires to create and raise generations of a promising and bright future. in various activities and they have international certificates in the field of modern and innovative training, which are experiences with solid elements, scientific and methodological experience and knowledge of the sciences and principles of training. There is still an opportunity for all official and popular. organizations to participate in the modernization, promotion and development of the sports movement. There are activities that do not require money, such as individual combat games, marathons, bodybuilding and strength training, table tennis, chess, etc., and others that cannot be mentioned. Therefore, I propose to organize a major sports workshop to be held in the town of Sinja under the auspices of the State Minister of Youth and Sports. Sports experts, poles, veteran athletes, coaches and everyone interested in sports business will be present. invited to the workshop, provided that various important articles are presented in the workshop, represented by the article of buds and juniors Youth, an article on women's sport from the international and social perspective, an article on the sources of financing, an article on opening. and the creation of academies to teach sports, a document on the vision of the media, a document on how to develop sport and a document on the laws of sport.

* In conclusion, we hope that these proposals will receive the attention and follow-up of all official and popular authorities for the good of a developed sporting generation.

*May you always be proud of the motherland,,,*

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