Stability in Shendi amid battle of rumors and misleading information – On Low Fire – ✍️ Khaled Muhammad Al-Baqir

⭕ Recently, the battle in Shendi has been raging not only on the ground but also in the field of media and information. The city of Shendi, known for its ancient history and rich culture, has found itself at the heart of the information conflict, where rumors and misleading information play a major role in shaping people's awareness and beliefs.

⭕Shendi has witnessed a significant increase in rumors and misleading information, which has affected the social and security situation of the city.

⭕ These fake news, spread through social networks and misleading media, seek to destabilize the region and promote the false exploits of rebel militias, causing a state of confusion and anxiety among citizens.

⭕ The Rapid Support Militias played a significant role in inflaming the situation in Sudan by spreading lies and fabricating events.

⭕ These militias have focused their efforts on distorting the image of the Sudanese armed forces and claiming false victories to mislead public opinion and create an atmosphere of conflict and mistrust.

⭕ Despite all the challenges, the Shendi City Security Committee has managed to maintain a very high level of stability.

⭕ Thanks to the appreciated efforts of the Sudanese armed forces, who have won several important victories against rebel militias.

⭕ These victories have thwarted the rebels' attempts to destabilize them and have restored the confidence of many citizens.

⭕ The influence of social networks is considered to be double-edged. On the one hand, these media provide opportunities to communicate and disseminate correct information, and on the other hand, they are used as tools to spread rumors and lies.

⭕ The citizens of Shendi have been heavily influenced by what is published through these channels without verifying the authenticity of the information, leading to confusion and fear.

⭕Deepen citizens' awareness of the media to distinguish reliable information.

⭕ Use social media responsibly and provide correct information.

⭕Support the efforts of the military and security to restore security and stability.

⭕Encourage constructive dialogue and reject rumors and fake news.

⭕In conclusion, the army's fight does not only take place on the ground but also in the field of information and news.

⭕It is necessary to join efforts to combat rumors and misleading information in order to ensure the stability of the city and the safety of its residents.

⭕It is very important that citizens exercise wisdom and self-criticism when receiving information, and that relevant institutions should strive to communicate the facts, in order to fortify society against misleading information and strengthen stability in Shendi.

⭕ At the heart of Sudanese events, the role of the city of Shendi stands out as a positive point in the search for stability and security.

⭕ The Sudanese army was able to play an influential role in improving the security situation in Shindi, which helped to spread a spirit of reassurance among the population.

⭕ The cleaning operations carried out by the army and the joint regular forces of the armed forces, the police and the security and intelligence services, putting an end to the violations and transgressions committed in the city and arresting some people violating the laws on illegal foreign presence, had a significant impact on strengthening local security.

⭕ Their rebellious actions not only destabilized public security, but also had a negative impact on the daily lives of citizens, prompting the military to step up its efforts to end these violations.

⭕ In the face of challenges, the Sudanese army has received broad support from the Sudanese people, who see it as the guarantor of legitimacy and stability.

⭕ Popular support for the military is a fundamental pillar of the stability equation in Shindi and demonstrates national solidarity in the face of challenges.

⭕Shendi's stability has had a positive impact on the lives of citizens, through improved public services and economic opportunities.

⭕ The security that the city has enjoyed has allowed residents to return to their daily lives in complete safety and peace, which reinforces the importance of establishing the foundations of stability.

⭕ Despite the challenges and positions of the enemies of the homeland and foreign passport agents, hope remains in Shendi thanks to the efforts of the army, the support of the National Security and Intelligence Service, the police forces and the support of the people. resistance.

⭕ External opposition and embassy officials did not deter the determination of society and the armed forces to achieve stability and protect the homeland from threats.

⭕ The situation in Shendi is the best testimony of Sudan's ability to overcome difficulties and achieve stability despite serious challenges.

⭕ The role of the Sudanese army and continued popular support bring good news for the future of Sudan, emphasizing that stability is the way to restore confidence and achieve prosperity for all.

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