Stars in the darkness of war ✍️ Ali Al-Fateh Al-Zubair

Since the outbreak of this damn war against…

April 15, 2023

At the time of writing this article

We are between believing and not believing because of the worry and distress that befalls us. Sometimes we are patient!!! Sometimes we panic!!!

Sometimes we wish what happened and is happening will happen

A terrifying nightmare

We wake up, as if nothing had happened!!!

But it is destiny that

We interpret them as gaps.

Great” in our administration

A country rich in its resources, its multiple climates, its fertile and generous lands, and its innumerable riches… all it lacks is man!!!!!

And here I mean, the human being, the responsible person, the leading human being, the inspiring person, the guide, the savior, the support…

Human, survivor…

The survivor takes the hand of his brother, his people and his homeland.

And for the homelands in the blood of every free person

A hand, an advance and a debt


And Sudan… how precious it is

From my native country…

What wonderful people…

Lacking patience, until patience tires of its patience…

Not without resources…

There is no shortage in his humanity

The stripper..!!!

But this is our historical and inherited error

That we're not hiring the right person

In the right place…

Except that rarely…

And when the right person is in the right place, creativity is born and tasks are elevated.

For the sake of a nation created for humanity…

The Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, said

(The best of you, the best of you to his family, and I am the best of you to his family)…

On our exploration

State to State

In our beloved country

Exit from Khartoum..

We have tasted the torment, the anxiety and the fear of tomorrow… which is near…

The road wasn't paved…like we thought…and sometimes it was.

Foreigners in our own countries.

Because of incapacity and lack of resourcefulness..!!!

And exploit a few weak souls, for the purposes of travel and movement!!

Hoping for stability

inside our country,

What annoys us

Despite its scale!!!

The choice was to emigrate.

It is the best, for those who have abilities.

And the choice to stay that way

He may need skills

It's difficult for many of us…

And between staying and the desire to emigrate.

Moans, sighs

Wade announces big wishes

We've been hoping for it for generations

Living, Homelessness and Displacement

And migration into the unknown!!!!

Generations were supposed to

To make a difference.”

It transforms our land and our homeland.

A great country, unique in everything.

But here we are… we're late

Behind the knees

Once again

Because of the confusion

We have needed someone to govern us since the dawn of independence.

That we haven't seen

Nothing but exploitation!!!????

By destroying the country and the people

And the last thing the rebellion did and still does…

In the midst of these tragedies

Fears, tribulations and afflictions, let us look to the full side of the cup.


appear on the horizon


Tell us, as stated in the hadith:

Goodness in me and in my nation until the Day of Resurrection.

This is what we saw

We are on the way

Moving from one state to another

Of generosity and hospitality

Of our people in the villages and towns.

They give what they give to themselves

With good will and a smile on our lips.

This relieved us a lot

Travel hassles

And travel and migration.

Passing through Gezira State, Blue Nile and Gedaref.

In its localities, countryside and towns.

Arrival at the state capital of Kassala…

Locality Kassala..

Who welcomed us with his youth

Almoravids, to the end

They serve meals, fruit juices…

And hope and joy…

Day and night without hesitation or boredom…

A sloth….

He is the embodiment of goodness

In the human being of Sudan.

Who doesn't know Kassala?

And his people, he doesn't know Sudan.

This is what we felt and experienced

And we took a photo of it.

In our corridors,

It will not be erased


Memory over time…

We will write until the ink dries.

We testify that we did not find it

Except kindness and good words and actions.

Of Kassala and its inhabitants

The noble origin… the noble, the majesty of its mountains, the generous like Gash… and Tutil…

And the drivers…and lots of them.

The bright parking lots are crowded..

But I'm satisfied today

By giving a model

Our beloved country is proud of him..

Likewise, (the right person in the right place)

People stand up…

As the poet said:

Nations have morals

As long as I stay…

If they are, their morality is gone

They went..

He is human, authentic


Policy provider:

Ali Fathi Muhammad Sadiq

Director of the local police of Kassala

Who continued to care

Details of things,

For everything that happens in the locality of Kassala

And its landscapes, to pave the way for vehicle owners and passers-by, and to combat negative phenomena, so that citizens and expatriates can enjoy the fluidity of travel available to them.

To meet his needs


Despite the crowds

An overpopulation that the locality had never witnessed before.

There is a clear and rapid increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic.

Apply the spirit of the law and not its letter.

Helping people…

And it's not miserable for them…

To protect their lives and property, with the aim

He has work in the police force in general.

The traffic police work in particular.

We appreciate their efforts and their concern for comfort

Expatriates and residents…

Him and his soldiers and the officers and non-commissioned officers of his administration.

Online with

Conditions and circumstances

Which led to the reality of the situation..

So stop organizing yourself…

They refrained from criminalizing.

Not like we are used to in other states and localities.

The one who made us cry for her human being, more than for her injustice towards us, and her lack of consideration for what we experienced.

Like climbing plants… (post-movement stage)..

And with him and others like him

His Excellency the Colonel:

Ali Fathi

The homeland rises and reaches

His desired position…

This is due to his good behavior

As an inspiring leader and honest human being with great determination.

He does not neglect his duties

Its slogan: System,

What it applies… over its extended geographic scope…

What he achieved through his planning and vision

The reality of the locality of Kassala after the war..

What is striking is the intensity of travel within the city center… and the ease of movement

Thanks to his efforts,

And its soldiers, officers and traffic police in the locality of Kassala

And his reward, and those who were with him, and those who helped him. ,We do not have..

But we ask it of the Lord of Glory.

To grant him success and direct his steps

Everything that is good

The best country and the best people..

Our thanks arrive

The whole crucible of soldiers

Officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers

Kassala local traffic police.

Mercy and forgiveness for our martyrs

Al-Amajid and victory of our armed forces

If God wills


If God wills

Star Review

Another, in the darkness of this cursed war.

Shown in attached images

The great colonel Mr. Siralkhatm Abdul Ghani

Former director of Kassala Passports.

And generous people.

Thank you for following..

Ali Al-Fateh Al-Zubair

Educator and software producer

Radio and television.

Kassala and Al-Warifa


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