State Popular Resistance Leader Addresses First Popular Resistance Meeting in Al-Dawim Locality ✍️ Saad Al-Safir

Mujahid Ismail Nawai, Chairman of the State Supreme Committee for Popular Resistance, spoke at the first meeting of armed popular resistance in Al-Dawim locality.

He was received by the executive director of Al-Duwaim locality, the commander of the Al-Duwaim military region, Brigadier General Muhammad Ismail, as well as the president and members of the Popular Resistance Committee of Al-Duwaim, where he was accompanied by Dr. Hamid Ali Muhammad, leader of the armed popular resistance in the state, Professor Abdul Latif Maysara, local leader, Professor Al-Baraa Al-Walid, rapporteur of the popular resistance in the State, and Professor Saad Al-Mahdi. head of the media committee, and Ms. Sahar Youssef, representative of women in the popular resistance of the State

Nawai said that the armed popular resistance in the state and localities is under the command of the armed forces, and that the people of Al-Dawim are people of jihad and that Sudan will not come from Al-Dawim. The column is more dangerous than the militia, and the people of Al-Dawim must get rid of the fifth column, because Nawai affirmed that the armed forces and the popular resistance are fighting for duty and protection of the land, honor and the rapid pillaging of the militia. has no problem whatsoever with looting, and fights don't require equipment. On the contrary, the Muslim fights with what is available, and a man cannot surrender before the enemy, however strong he may be, and have Sudan targeted from abroad and foreign agents. inside and needs the solidarity and cohesion of the people of the State. His Excellency said: We are the signal of the armed forces, and if you order us to move towards Al-Qatina, I swear to God that he will not return.

Naway praised the donations of the people of Al-Dawim to the popular resistance in the locality of Al-Dim and reassured them of the great role of the people of Al-Dawim in supporting the armed forces.

The Executive Director of Al-Duwaim locality, Mr. Abdul Ghaffar Ali Faraj Allah, thanked the public and greeted His Excellency the residents of Al-Duwaim. He said I've worked at many stores, but haven't found anyone who likes his. country and its soil more than the population of Al-Duwaim. His Excellency praised the Al-Duwaim Chamber of Commerce, which he described as a password. Abdul Ghaffar reviewed the efforts of the local security committee to protect Al-Dawim locality and the region. In the northern localities of the state, Hamid Ali Muhammad, leader of the state's armed popular resistance, highlighted the cohesion of the people of Al-Dawim and their solid stance in the face of the nation's problems.

Brigadier General Abu Bakr Askar, leader of the Armed Popular Resistance in Al-Dim locality, thanked the state delegation. His sovereignty confirmed that they are in Al-Duwaim with the heart of one man and work side by side with the armed forces. He thanked the people of Al-Duwaim and all its components for their support and support. -Duwaim is difficult to rebel and is more local to the state level. A large number of mobilized personnel came out to protect their land.

The representative of Al-Duwaim agricultural enterprises, Mr. Karam Allah Sulaitin, on behalf of the farmers, donated a large quantity of wheat, equivalent to sixty million pounds, to the People's Resistance of Al -Duwaim. In this context, a large number of civil administrations, sectors and the Al-Duwaim community donated money and men. The delegation of the Armed Popular Resistance conveyed the mandate of condolences to the commander of the Al-Duwaim Brigade and the family of the martyr. , Captain Muhammad Al-Tayeb

The delegation also inspected the headquarters of the Special Action Forces and the Reserve Forces.

Local leaders in Al-Dawim spoke about local preparations to repel enemies and mercenaries from the northern lands of the state.

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