Sudan: receives the second Kuwaiti aid plane, and the representative of the Ministry of Health welcomes the support provided

The Federal Ministry of Health received the second Kuwaiti humanitarian plane carrying medical aid, food and shelter materials at the Port Sudan International Airport on Thursday.

The State of Kuwait has resumed its airlift to provide aid to those affected by the war in Sudan, as aircraft number 18 arrived at Port Sudan Airport today.

The aircraft was received by a representative of the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Ismat Mustafa, and His Excellency the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Sudan, Dr. Fahd Al-Dhafiri, and the Commissioner-designate for humanitarian aid, Al-Sadiq Adam.

The representative of the Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Ismat Mustafa, in statements to the press today at the Port Sudan airport, said that Kuwait had continued to provide support to Sudan before the war, and now this plane is number 18, welcoming the support provided by the State of Kuwait, emphasizing that it continued to provide support and support for health in Sudan and its hospitals in Kassala, El Obeid and Khartoum and in other cities.

Ismat confirmed the delivery of medical and humanitarian aid to all affected people in the war-affected states, thanking the brotherly government and people of Kuwait.

For his part, the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Sudan, Dr. Fahd Al-Dhafiri, said that the second plane that arrived today is part of an airlift that Kuwait will operate to help the Sudanese people, after the first package provided by Kuwait last year, and that it contained various medicines until the flights reached 18 flights. , congratulating the Federal Ministry of Health and Humanitarian Affairs for the careful monitoring of the arrival of this aid, he added that there is complete coordination, and continued by saying that the appeal of the brothers of Sudan has been well received and engaged. continued support to mitigate the disaster.

The Ambassador of the State of Kuwait to Sudan, Dr. Fahd Al-Dhafiri, who received the plane, said that this humanitarian aid, which carries the slogan (Kuwait is on your side), is part of the continuity of the implementation of the directives. Kuwaiti political leaders to support the brothers in Sudan, and this continues through this airlift, which was the first bridge to go to Sudan a few days after the outbreak of the war.

The ambassador stressed that in addition to this bridge, there is direct and continuous assistance through Kuwaiti charitable organizations and companies operating in Sudan through charitable and humanitarian projects that have not stopped during the past period for the benefit of the Sudanese people through food aid. , expanded medical and health centers, environmental sanitation and epidemic control campaigns, in addition to permanent projects aimed at insuring orphans and helping vulnerable families.

Ambassador Al-Dhafiri expressed his thanks to the good people of Kuwait, the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and the voluntary associations and organizations who supported this aid and whose teams oversaw its transportation and delivery to Sudan.

In the same context, the Commissioner-designate for Humanitarian Aid, Al-Sadiq Adam, praised the great support provided by the brotherly state of Kuwait, stressing that the Humanitarian Aid Commission is keen to provide humanitarian aid to the affected people .

In the same context, the head of the delegation (Kuwait Red Crescent Society), Dr. Muhammad continues to support Sudan until it overcomes this ordeal, hoping that peace will prevail in the land of Sudan .

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