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Sudan, war against the social fabric or war against rumors?

Sudan has been experiencing a turbulent period since a wave of rumors aimed at destabilizing security and stability and shaking the social fabric among the population. These rumors, widely disseminated through social media, seek to create discord and sow hatred. among the social components to serve a malicious agenda aimed at fanning the flames of war and targeting the cohesive social fabric within the Sudanese population.

But it is important to realize that these rumors do not reflect the real reality and that the majority of the Sudanese people reject and condemn them. The Sudanese people are known for their tolerance and brotherhood and have lived for many centuries in harmony and harmony. among their different components.

It is necessary to miss the opportunity to raise awareness among the Sudanese people and allow the media to play an important role in exposing the conspiracies that manipulate the cohesion of the Sudanese societal fabric to block these malicious rumors. The media must be responsible and take the initiative to publish the facts and debunk the rumors. The Sudanese people must also be aware of the dangers that threaten their unity and come together to resist these rumors and protect their social fabric.

We emphasize that the content of the speech widely circulated on social media about the intention of the relevant security authorities in Sudan to review the Sudanese citizenship of some tribes in western Sudan is a false and baseless rumor. We appeal to all media. be accurate in publishing information and we warn against the spread of rumors that threaten the security and stability of the country.

Sudan is going through a critical stage that requires solidarity and national unity from all its people. We believe that the Sudanese people are capable of overcoming these challenges and maintaining the cohesion of their social fabric.

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