Sudanese Intelligence Service, new powers and great hopes – something for the homeland – ✍️ Mr. Salah Ghariba

Sudan recently saw an important step in granting new powers to the General Intelligence Service, in accordance with a joint decision of the Transitional Sovereignty Council and the Council of Ministers. The move was widely welcomed by the public, amid high hopes that the powers would help strengthen security. and combat the threats facing the country.

These new powers come in light of the difficult circumstances facing Sudan, as the country faces numerous internal and external security challenges. These powers represent an important step towards strengthening the capabilities of intelligence services to carry out their tasks more effectively and efficiently. These powers include determining the terms and conditions of pretrial detention, which enable the agency to robustly deal with suspects in national security cases, and expanding these powers. powers of the members and the director of the intelligence service, which strengthens the agency's ability to make the decisions necessary to effectively deal with threats, with regard to the immunity claimed by enemies in times of war, which allows the agency to work freely to confront enemies without legal restrictions, in addition acquired and world-famous rights, immunity for agency members and collaborators, which protects them from unjustified legal proceedings and prohibition of the seizure of commercial establishments, which contributes to maintaining the stability of the national economy.

The new powers define specific tasks and responsibilities for intelligence services, aimed at strengthening national security and protecting the country against internal and external threats. This includes researching and investigating any threats to national security, providing security and intelligence advice and support to government agencies, countering espionage, terrorism, extremism and sabotage, as well as detecting and countering subversive activities of organizations, groups and individuals inside and outside Sudan.

Giving new powers to the intelligence service represents a comeback for this agency after years of attempts to dismantle it. This is due to the central role the agency has played in protecting the country over the past period, especially in light of the existential war Sudan is experiencing. is confronted. The agency has proven its ability to work effectively and efficiently, even in light of the difficult circumstances it has faced.

The features of this return have already begun on the ground through intensive campaigns aimed at tracking down currency traders, clients and position brokers. These campaigns help ensure security and stability in the country and send a strong message to everyone: the return of the intelligence apparatus. stronger than ever.

The Sudanese street, in particular part of the media and journalists, welcomes the granting of new powers to the intelligence services and places its hopes in the agency's ability to strengthen security and combat the threats weighing on the country.

Concerns and questions:

However, these new powers raise certain concerns and questions, including: what safeguards will be taken to prevent the use of these new powers to suppress freedoms? How will members of the intelligence services be held accountable if they commit violations? of civil society in monitoring the work of the intelligence services?

There is no doubt that granting new powers to the intelligence services represents an important step towards strengthening security and stability in Sudan. However, it is important to emphasize the need for strong safeguards to prevent arbitrary use of these powers and to ensure that members of these services. the service is held responsible if it commits violations. Civil society also has an important role to play in monitoring the work of the agency and holding it accountable for its performance.

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