Sudanese news headlines published this morning, Friday May 3, 2024

Khartoum: a cell to monitor social assistance incubators

₩Political news:

♢The army takes control of the Habaniya bridge (25 km) from Haj Abdullah

♢Renewal of clashes between the army and military support at Porte Mellit in El Fasher

♢Al-Jazeera Governor: Signs of victory and return to normal life in the state are approaching

♢Hasahisa resistance accuses Rapid Support of kidnapping girls and demanding ransom

♢The army enters the Shekiniba region on the island

♢Army destroys supporting combat vehicles at Shendi station in Bahri

♢Analyst: The creation of a gold refinery in Doha will facilitate its re-export to other markets

♢Photos showing drones destroying enemy concentrations in Khartoum

♢The Kosti Division receives Mustafareen's 2nd Battalion returning from Bamdurman operations

♢Non-food aid to support displaced Sudanese in Libya

♢US envoy: regional countries are trying to fuel the fire in Sudan

♢Saudi Arabia activates its diplomacy to contain the escalation in Sudan

♢The security situation deprives Darfur of flour rations

♢The Sudanese community in the United States organizes a demonstration in front of the White House

♢Sudan Foreign Ministry accuses Britain of bias in favor of support

♢The leader of the Umma party in South Kordofan, Hamdan Ali Al-Boulad, was killed by unknown assailants

♢ UN official: The situation in Sudan is catastrophic and many regions are on the verge of famine

♢Political analyst: return to Jeddah platform will end war in Sudan

♢Investigation: After the arrival of the Security Council. Who wins the conflict, Abu Dhabi or Port Sudan?

♢A medicine we need to market Sudan distinctively in the media

♢A decision to stop mining activity in mines in South Kordofan State

♢The Minister of the Interior attends the launch of the new version of the vehicle import certificate

♢ Widespread reactions to the statements of the commander of the Al-Baraa Brigade: We do not have permission from Zaid or Ubaid to be able to come and fight

♢A grant from the European Union to support health in (6) Sudanese states

♢A new fire at the Arqin crossing…and the movement of goods stopped due to the imposition of departure fees in dollars

♢ Tensions in the town of Umm Dukhun after a Chadian force stormed the town and opened fire

♢Haq Movement calls on Hamdok to expand participation in Qadam founding conference

♢The Minister of the Interior witnesses the network between customs and the General Directorate of Traffic

♢Mystery surrounds the fate of the Sudan Festival in the heart of the Emirates after the death of Tahnoun

♢Humanitarian Aid Commission denies selling relief packages intended for Darfur

♢Political scientist Hatem Elias: Russia's announcement of support for the army stems from its greed in the Red Sea

♢Darfurians transfer aid from their families to Khartoum, on the Nile and in the North

♢Because of Facebook posts calling for an end to the war… arrest and torture of (5) citizens in Al-Mafazza

♢Leader of the Popular Resistance in the North: Free and direct elections to choose leaders

♢London newspaper: El Fasher headquarters puts pressure on army to return to Jeddah pulpit

♢North Kordofan announces that education is more affected by the war

♢Khartoum Governor issues Emergency Order No. (2) to form security cell

♢Sudan sets next Monday as deadline to apply for Hajj 1445

♢Investigation: Egypt's secret plan… to arrest and deport thousands of Sudanese refugees

♢Officially.. Khartoum government declares state of emergency in the state

♢Ibrahim Jaber discusses cooperation and coordination of positions with Russian Ambassador

♢The Minister of Health responsible for the operation of an oncology department at Sinnar hospital

♢Sudanese delegate: The division of Security Council countries over the Russia/Ukraine and Gaza wars has made it almost powerless

♢ Location: local collusion.. The ancient island of Sai is in vain

♢ Report: The invitation from the African Union to a preparatory meeting does not exclude anyone between rejection and acceptance

♢Strict measures affecting accommodation centers in Kassala

♢Article: On the occasion of International Labor Day. Workers are jobless and homeless

♢Continuation of Internet services via the Starlink network in Sudan

♢Fears of tensions in El Fasher following the liquidation by the army of two members of Minawi's forces

♢Middle East Online: After the failure of its political project… the evidentiary conditions of the political process prolong the war

♢Swiss special envoy for the Horn of Africa arrives in Port Sudan to discuss developments in Sudan

♢Beja delegation, led by Al-Nazir Turk, discusses Port Sudan electricity with Prime Minister

♢Report: The Jazeera war. Citizens of Wad Madani cling to mortal life

♢A preparatory workshop for the conference on industrial redevelopment and industry was held on Saturday

♢Despite the cancellation of the concert… controversy over Nancy's participation in a festival in the Emirates

♢Federal Minister of Health inaugurates Al-Bawqa North health center

♢Resumption of work at Mecca Eye Hospital in Omdurman in mid-May

♢And in North Kordofan, he is invited to benefit from the Open University of Sudan

♢Blue Nile Education announces schools opening in mid-May

♢After the goods he was transporting caught fire… the driver of a Dafar vehicle (overturned it) with minimal losses.

♢It is difficult to implement, Taqadum spokesperson reduces the decision to declare a state of emergency in Khartoum.

♢The Red Cross announces the murder of (2) of its drivers employed in South Darfur

♢Observer: Obstacles to resuming negotiations and support for the army

♢A tendency to locate pharmaceutical industries in Kassala

♢Nile authorities intensify campaigns to empty schools and boarding schools of displaced people

♢Libyan official: The number of Sudanese refugees is (15 to 20) thousand refugees

♢ Progress: Does the army have a way to implement the Khartoum emergency and what is the use of making a decision that cannot be implemented?

♢Economist: What the government is doing regarding the exchange rate ♢Limited impact treatments.

Intensive meetings to formulate a vision for the upcoming Jeddah negotiations

♢US Senate calls for tough stance on Sudan

♢Khartoum is issuing a number of decrees regarding the state of emergency

♢During his reception session at Congress… the American envoy: We are working so that this is the last round of negotiations

♢ Report: Peace depends on the end of the rebellion. What is the impact of Al-Burhan's statements on the negotiation process?

♢Dr. Salah Al-Ghoul writes: The chapter of the article focuses on the UAE's policy towards Sudan.

♢International expert: Russia signals it will support the Sudanese army in exchange for a naval base

♢Analyst: The ideological rapprochement between the Islamists and Iran is moving them towards an alliance between Iran and Russia

♢Investigation: With support controlling a significant part of it…Will the emergency declaration in Khartoum hold?

♢Report: Labor Day in light of war… stopping the wheel of production and displacing millions of people

♢ American channel: After the marching incidents… a Sudanese force fires at the light of a satellite.

₩Sports news:

♢CAF: (June 6, 2024) date of the Sudanese national team match against Mauritania

♢The youth delegation leaves for Morocco from Jeddah, Cairo and Port Sudan on Thursday and Friday

♢Al-Marbakh has its first preparatory experience in Ismailia

♢Hani Mokhtar reaches 100 landmark contributions

♢Al-Muhandis announces youth team list

♢ (10) June is the date of the match between Sudan and its southern counterpart

₩Various news:

♢Northern Radio and Television Authority and Health Insurance Authority discuss strengthening partnership

♢And in Gedaref, he meets the Director of Customs

♢In the north, he congratulates the formation of the Al Karama Alliance to support and support the army

♢ Temperatures are expected to drop across the country

♢Kassala Governor Visits 11th Infantry Division, Receives Clarification on Security Arrangements

♢The traveling delegation of the Humanitarian Aid Commission in the North concludes its visit

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