Sudanese news headlines published this morning, May 8, 2024

Political headlines

Artillery bombardments target several revolutionary neighborhoods in the locality of Karari

UN concerned about deployment of South Sudanese forces in Abyei

Haganah forces extend their control over all axes of the city of El Obeid

Sudanese official: Current war is an international, regional plan to engulf the country

Minawi: The war was already underway before April 15

Army reclaims Rapid Support Forces military base in North Kordofan

Artillery Command conducts massive prevention campaigns in Atbara

Sudanese army retakes Al-Obeid East area

Aviation launches raids on sites inside the city of El Fasher

The Democratic Bloc announces the acceptance of the applications of three organizations to join the coalition

Musa Hilal and the armed movements join the Democratic Bloc

Khartoum State: Vandalism and looting of government and historical buildings in Omdurman

Disclosure of agreements between Sudan and Russia regarding arms and naval base

Al-Burhan visits Bahraini capital Manama next week

What is the truth about the video circulating of an Algerian war plane in Sudan?

Sudan: After the last call… Does the next round from the Jeddah platform mark the end of the negotiations?

Website: Race to win (clan) support in Sudan signals global civil war

Sudanese Foreign Ministry rejects 'offensive articles' about Saudi Arabia

Manche: Will the “South Kordofan” humanitarian agreement turn into a political settlement in Sudan?

Al-Tijani Sissi: Activities of consultative meeting of national movement forces launched in Cairo

Arrest the Perpetrators…Arson at Sudan's Largest Oil Production Well

Moscow supports 'Jeddah Platform' to end war in Sudan

Rapid Support issues statement on military aircraft raids on Kordofan towns

Rapid Support Militia forces residents of West El Fasher town to raise millions of pounds amid panic

Sati' Al-Hajj: Reports against political and civil leaders target symbols of the December Revolution

Al-Gadarif: Arrest of political activists in Al-Hawata

North Kordofan: airstrikes on Al-Rahad and Um Rawaba, causing civilian casualties

Al-Burhan briefs Turkish President on efforts to achieve peace in Sudan

Local addresses

The governor of Kassala welcomes the efforts of the security cell and special forces

Clinical examinations for final year nursing students begin in Kordofan

Kuwaiti Emir extends condolences to Sovereign Council President on death of his son

Efforts to operate Makkah Eye Hospital in Omdurman

An owner reviews the results of the Paris conference

Interior Minister visits Wadi Halfa

The vice-president of the Sovereignty Council meets the Sultan of Dar Masalit

The governor of Gedaref discusses with the Bank of the Nile the financing of the agricultural campaign

Workshop launched to strengthen the health system through the Bankir organization and the Sinnar State Ministry of Health

The Deputy of the Transitional Sovereignty Council meets the Director of the University of Kassala

Further preparations for the opening of the Dinder dialysis center

King Salman, Saudi Crown Prince offer condolences to Al-Burhan on death of son

Khartoum governor warns of sleeper cells in the state

The heroine of the Sudanese film Goodbye, Julia Seran Riak: I dream of acting in Egypt because it is the source of art

Trending video: Stolen childhood in Sudan. The story of Fatima

Economic securities

West Kordofan aims to plant nine million acres this season

Bank of Khartoum explains the reasons for the increase in transfer fees for your banking applications

Preparations to operate Dongola Airport

Sudan: Citizens' suffering worsens with implementation of further increase in domestic gas prices

Dilapidated infrastructure… the electricity crisis continues in Sudan with the destruction of 10,000 lighting poles

Prices of goods increased and the movement of commercial trucks from El Fasher was disrupted after the control of Mellit.

Case and incident titles

Marwa Police Seize Stolen Goods From Khartoum State

Kosti makes decisions regarding refugees from the south

Doctors Without Borders has stopped its work at Wad Madani hospital

Senare Specification Director Attends Food Distribution in Al Lakha Village Accommodation Centers

Sudan: Displacement and asylum of “6” thousand citizens from the locality of Kerenik in West Darfur to Chad

Tunisian security authorities arrest a Sudanese immigrant because of his martial arts training activity via the TikTok application.

Periodic inspection campaign launched for Sudanese displaced in Libya

Saudi-British meeting discusses providing aid to Sudan, other countries

Similar to the agreement between Kabashi and Al-Hilu to provide relief… the Sudanese are demanding that both parties to the conflict enter into a “humanitarian agreement”.

Official reveals that around 5 water stations were stolen west of El Fasher

Victims of a fire in Umm Dafouk, South Darfur state, and the burning of 140 houses in North Darfur

US Agency for International Development allocates $200 million in additional aid for children

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